Patient Intervention Thread - Toby


True…there would have to be many lies involved to pull the “they’ve been dead all along” plot…since if that were the case then we’re actively being lied to nonstop.


It also makes me think back to the whole Echo thing and the Artemis quest…


I don’t have any concrete reason for this, just popped in my head while going through his chats. He’s the only one we aren’t actively mentioning simulation to. That could be because he’s so young, or because he already knows all about it.


Though from the lore about the Atlas and the creator we learn that the Atlas can use brain scans of people not in the simulation to sort of create them in the simulation…so at least some of these people could still play some sort of role in the upcoming update even if we successfully release them from the simulation.


I doubt he knows. I’d say it’s safe to say they’re taking advantage of a five-year-old’s active imagination. :blue_heart:


Maybe Toby nearly suffocated during the allergic reaction and went into a coma. His parents may have admited him to the clinic to try and help him wake up.


I noticed that he said he liked “tomato” sandwiches and that he “blew up like a big red balloon” after a being stung by a bee, and that he also likes to sit in a “circle” with his plushies (with his favorite in front of him) when he eats.

Seems coincidental that he would talk about two “red round objects” or in the lateral sense, things that are “circular” in nature.


@Tezu summed it up for me on Discord - “I became atlas”


Just making sure everyone has seen it

Dreamer intervention required.

The CSD has analyzed output from the Loop16 precognitive subroutine. They have identified a time and place where physical CSD presence will be required.

On Saturday, June 30th at 11:00 AM EDT, please meet with an Atlas representative at the compass rose on Long Wharf, in Boston, MA.


Yeah but WARE aren’t a hospital or a clinic and we haven’t heard of them trying to trick people into thinking they are one…realistically for a scenario they would have had to get him from a hospital.


Alexander was there because it was thought to be a clinic for a sleep study.

Also, the W/ARE website said the tech was originally developed for the CEO’s wife’s mental condition.


Oh dang, it is an Atlas rep after all, not W/ARE, werid. Why not just email us? Maybe it will be something they recently seized from W/ARE?


If I understand well what I red, he was younger when it happened (baby ?) and his parents use to tell this story. If he did an anaphylactic shock during a picnic (and with a policeman as father) they would run to an hospital where they would save him, or not…

A tea party with plushies… OMG… he is… he is…


I think every kid that age has had a few tea parties with plushies.


yes right again lol


In the photo, the elephant is sitting in the middle of the compass facing the west-by-southwest direction. Toby stated that he liked to “eat in front of” his favorite plushie.

Could there be a place in the west-by-southwest direction that he likes to eat from perhaps? Maybe something famous for tomatos, bees, sandwiches…?

EDIT - Looking on the map, there is a place called “Chart House” exactly in the direction the elephant plushie is facing. Maybe we need to go in and ask them for tomato sandwiches. n.n;;;



There seems to be a podium of some sort. The elephant on a seat? And is there a mobile phone or tablet device there to? Difficult to make out.


For all who want to watch the live drop.


Toby’s next memory block is now active