Patient Intervention Thread - Toby


Suits are the same we have ingame. In Philipp patient file we can see they help for life support, hazard protection and shield.


I’m not sure that they look the same in real life as they do in the simulation…some things from the simulation wouldn’t really translate well…hazard protection would be useless irl for the most part…unless the building caught on fire or something but in that case the dreamers couldn’t really tend to the real suits like they can in the simulation so they can’t replenish the suits resources to keep resisting the hazards. In real life suits as such wouldn’t make much sense as much as capsules to enclose the dreamers in since they aren’t going to use the suits to go anywhere in the real world.


I assume so, but in Toby’s file they’re also mentioning them being physically recharged by personel.


They have to go mine iron first though.
Then add thamium.


You guys/gals think Toby’s next chat will be today?


I don’t know…could be…or someone else will be unlocked.


Speaking of that…Toby is active!


The password this time is Bee Sting


The code is Bee sting


Lol got me


damn it … can’t keep up! lol! Y’all are fast. [runs to desktop]


Use the mobile to read the chats, and desktop to test passwords (google search)


I went looking for a proper name for bee-sting allergy and such…didn’t occur to me to try just bee sting…though I didn’t think that was the right track because there was no emotional attachment to that memory…unlike the dog bite he didn’t remember this one and said he didn’t really care because it was just something his parents talked about…he seemed to care more that they said it was a miracle so I thought it’d be something related to that.


I think he died from that and they “saved “ him with W/AREs simulation.


Then how do we “extract” him from the satellite?


We don’t, he’s tied to the exosuit and needs it to survive.


Maybe that is where this comes into play.


I have been wondering why someone would put their child into this situation. That, or something close to it, actually makes sense.


WARE is a headset to enter a simulation…not a resuscitation device…you could speculate they scanned his brain shortly after death or some such but I doubt it. Though there could be a case to speculate that maybe all the dreamers are dead since the very beginning of the ARG was about re-creating the voices of the dead to allow people to speak to dead relatives.


Yeah, but the suits are keeping them alive…it could be possible. After all, this was all an experiment and parents can be desperate to try anything in that situation.