Patient Intervention Thread - Toby


Just stating worst case scenario - I hope we will get all the ones that the extraction event unlocks for.


My suspicions so far are Alexander is very old so if someone other than Tariq has to go he’d be the primary candidate. Beyond that I think Tariq will be making life difficult and we may have no choice but to off him, and #231187661T I suspect is not even human but an AI…the only one of 12 characters that doesn’t even have a face but a helmet…could be a hint that #231187661T is actually a suit…I still think Telamon will play into this somehow.


Me too. But as usual everyone got there in front of me haha. I finally got one at last and also discovered to my horror that Toby said the same thing I did on the Rorsch Test…
Which is scary enough. Though I think I saw three elephants…

Maybe I am Toby? Uh oh. Maybe I must be dreaming or need to go to sleep it is late again lol.
I think I am developing Tobyphobia. :confused:


Now you know why I spend my time here instead of Reddit. :joy:


Lol yes I do


Hope we have to take pics of them. My daughter collected Beanie Babies for years. I have a box of them stored in a closet. :grin:


Anyone else think the comment when loading the memory was interesting? Something about having lots of time to talk to him because he’s young. Wouldn’t getting him out be a priority because he’s young?


This is what I got when connecting:

This is Toby. He’s a very young boy, so he might not be very talkative. At least, not at first. Let’s try to go easy on him, ok?

I found it endearing when Emily started feeling more at ease with him.

Yeah, you would think his age would make this the most important one to resolve quickly.


I meant the text you get before you launch the simulation. It’s gone for me now because I solved it. Probably nothing :slight_smile:


Maybe not, seems like nothing is coincidence with this.


Am I alone in still calling them “stuffed animals”? Are they only called plushies now?


Personally, I call them ‘dust collectors’ :sweat_smile: I guess plushie has taken over because they are no longer all animals. Basically, anything stuffed with fluffy stuff, :grin: so soft and plushie…


Yes! My son did, too. To be fair, he collected them with the help of his Grandmother. She’d send one or two with every packaged box of ‘goodies’. Then, he’d always spot petty cool ones when we’d go antique shopping. He still has his entire collection. :rofl:


One thing is really strange anyway. How a “medical examiner” can be a doctor in philosophy ? He knows nothing about medical.


It’s due to a confusing problem of terminology and academic tradition.

In the UK (I don’t know about elsewhere), the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) is the highest academic award that can be given. A Ph.D can be awarded in any subject, not just philosophy.

A Ph.D is almost always awarded for original research. It is perfectly possible to be a doctor of medicine, and also hold a Ph.D.


Oh yes I see. If you have a doctorate you are Ph.D
Thanks for explanation :wink:


@LilLadyD76 @sheralmyst

Me and my friend had loads, not necessarily on brand ones but lots of things stuffed with beans were a big deal in the mid to late nineties.

We used to make little costumes out of fabric and felt trimmings that my friends mother had left over from her own crafting , usually of our favourite video game characters (link and solid snake as two beanie chimpanzees had many adventures together)


It’s pronounced Stuffed aminals (intentional typo) :wink:

Toby is welcome to my beanies and plushies when we get him out. I have a sackboy plushy knitted by one of the devs teams siblings, I’ll even give him that when he wakes up.


We may have to bring our (friendly) dogs along to do tricks for Toby… :wink:

Or bring pictures of happy smiling puppies?


Sooooo… The exosuits are not actually just software. From Toby’s patient file, it sounds like the sleepers are in fact wearing them. They’re what’s keeping them alive.


Yeah it sounds like they are some sort of life-support units kitted for intravenous feeding and everything.