Patient Intervention Thread - Simon


Wait, england has a world cup match and pride parade is on the same day? This is going to be more confusing than the event just now! :smile:


Okay I had to leave to live stream due to work responsibilities so I missed a whole lot. I’ve caught up on this forum and I am a bit confused on the conclusion.

So, by my understanding, players were searching No Man’s Sky on Creative Mode on PS4 for a man named Alex. People got coordinates and arrived to a planet and all they got was another set of coordinates. The process repeats itself 5 more times. The names of the planets reviled to spell out London by using the capitalized letters in each planet name. Thats all I got… Was anything found in the game besides that? Such as Alex himself?


You enter the planet names: cOffee, meteOr, moNkey, banDit, Lonely, or pardoN. They all give different conversations with clues to the next planet’s address


Well, that’s all there was…


And that there will be a live drop tomorrow in London


But we don’t know where and when.


For anyone that can’t access the App here are Simon’s conversations.
@Mad-Hatter @TravelEcho @MacForADay


Simon’s Conversation for entering planet name: cOffee
Emily: cOffee?
Emily: Sure, I’ll ask him.
Simulation Resumed
Emily: Simon Alex named his Planet cOffee. Does this mean anything to you?
Simon: Not really.
Simon: I mean, Alex drinks a lot of coffee. I don’t have much else to add to that.
Emily: Oh.
Simon: I don’t drink coffee.
Simon: I’m more of an energy drink kind of guy.
Emily: It doesn’t remind you of anything else?
Simon: Nothing. Sorry.
Simon: I’m guessing he named the planet while he was tired.


Simon’s Conversation for entering the planet name: meteOr
Emily: meteOr?
Emily: Sure, I’ll ask him.
Simulation Resumed
Emily: What about meteOr
Simon: That was the name of our dog.
Simon: I found him in the street and bought him home.
Simon: He was just a puppy.
Simon: Mom didn’t want us to have a dog, so Alex and I tried to hide him in my room.
Emily: Your mom didn’t notice?
Simon: Of course she noticed!
Simon: Literally on the first day.
Emily: How did she react?
Simon: Not well.
Simon: She bought the puppy to the pound as soon as she found him.
Simon: But for a brief moment, Alex and I were the happiest we’d ever been. For a few hours.
Emily: Sorry to here that, Simon.
Simulation Paused
Emily: That was sad…
You: That’s enough for now.
Simulation Resumed
Emily: How about this: 30E5FA6D90E8


Simon’s Conversation for entering the planet name: MoNkey
Emily: MoNkey
Emily: I’m on it!
Simulation Resumed
Emily: Simon, does moNkey mean anything special to your brother?
Simon: Mom used to call me “monkey”.
Simon: Because I was always climbing everywhere.
Emily: That’s cute.
Simon: Yeah, well… it wasn’t just “monkey”, it was always accompanied by some swear words.
Emily: Oh.
Simon: I didn’t mind, I was used to it.
Simon: It even became my nickname.
Simon: That’s what Alex would call me.
Emily: That’s cute… Could he be missing you?
Simon: Seems like it.
Simon: I didn’t think I’d say this before, but I’m starting to get excited about getting out of here.
Simulation Paused
Emily: I like where this is going!
Simulation Resumed
Emily: How about this: 31E9FA6D90E8


Simon’s Conversation for entering the planet name: banDit
Emily: banDit?
Emily: Let’s see if Simon comes up with something interesting.
Simulation Resumed
Emily: Simon, what could banDit mean?
Simon: banDit?
Simon: I don’t know…
Emily: Are you sure? Why would your brother name a planet after that?
Simon: Oh! Let me think.
Simon: Yeah, I remember.
Simon: My brother used to work at a summer camp and, since he’s older than me, I got to be under his supervision. His camp name was banDit.
Simon: We had a lot of fun that summer.
Simulation Paused
Emily: That’s sweet.
You: That’s enough for now.
Simulation Resumed
Emily: How about this: 5033F9BD656F


Simon’s Conversation for entering the planet name: Lonely
Emily: Lonely? It seems like Alex is not really happy away from his brother.
Emily: That’s a pretty sad name for a planet though.
Emily: HOME, that would be a good planet name!
Simulation Resumed
Emily: Simon, it seems like Alex is lonely.
Emily: H’d likely be happy to forgive you.
Simon: I doubt it.
Emily: You won’t know until you try.
Simon: Thanks, but Alex moved away.
Simon: He’s in Europe now.
Simon: He moved, even though he didn’t get the job.
Simon: Before he found out, we made plans though.
Emily: Did he find out after moving?
Simon: Yeah, I ruined his dream for nothing.
Simon: I was supposed to come visit him.
Simon: He said he had this cool thing to show me.
Simon: We were supposed to meet on July 7th.
Simulation Paused
Emily: July 7th… Interesting
You: That’s enough for now.
Simulation Resumed
Emily: How about this one: 202AFA6D90E8


Simon’s Conversation for entering the planet name: pardoN
Emily: Oh… This is cheesy.
Emily: But sweet.
Emily: OK, OK…
Emily: I renamed that planet. It was originally named dragoN.
Emily: But we don’t need to tell Simon.
Emily: We’ve made a lot of progress in making sure he wants to leave this place.
Emily: I just felt like he needed the extra push!
Simulation Resumed
Emily: Simon! It seems like Alex forgave you after all.
Emily: His last planet is named pardoN!
Simon: I don’t believe you, this is super lame.
Simon: Are you lying?
Emily: I’m sorry…
Emily: We made a lot of progress, and I wanted to make sure you kept a positive attitude about leaving this place.
Simon: Thanks.
Simon: I enjoyed our time together.
Emily: Thanks Simon.
Emily: If we get in touch with Alex, what would you like to tell him?
Simon: Tell him that I miss exploring with my brother.
Simulation Paused
Emily: I don’t see any other recent data on the network.
Emily: I’m counting on you to make sure Simon’s message is heard.
You: That’s enough for now.
Simulation Resumed
Emily: Thank you.


You guys should be watching this - cobra tv has a chat going on the app we can’t access

Edit:I’m not liking this part of it

Loop16 updated 7-6-18


Please yes!


Is there a way to actually finish the last event? After I have done all and return to the dashboard, it fails to show finished (green). Or do we have to wait on London and finish that first?


I think I did all the steps, but my event does not change to green either.


Mine is not green either. We don’t get passwords for community events do we? or do we get them after the event is over? Too much confusion today but it was fun.:laughing:


I think It will be after the Live drop is successful like the Tea Party


The last ones did not have any passwords, they just filled solid automagically after the event.


The dates on the event go through tomorrow, so I don’t think we are done.


Guys I can’t access these things. Was there more chatting with Simon after the first three?


@TravelEcho If you click on his event, you get another chat - the live event was finding the codes to enter when reporting back to Emily on the app.


Thanks and sorry. What I meant is I can’t access the app. So could people post more of the chats with Simon here please?

Edit: and now I have to go offline for a bit. sigh


Scroll up @LilLadyD76 did a great job listing them