Patient Intervention Thread - Simon


Thank you for doing that. I have running after everyone today playing catch up! Thanks for your patience doing it.


You’re more then welcome, @johnnycloud. I know what it’s like trying to play ‘catch up’. :wink:


I believe the below is the full conversation Cobra TV had with Simon during his in-game scavenge hunt live stream:

Cobra TV’s No Man’s Sky! In game Live event! PodCast (link with timestamp)


I think it will go green when the event is over


Update from reddit

We’ve managed to get into contact with Alex now. I think it might have something to do with all the communication stations you left on his planets, but I can’t say for sure. I’m happy to say that someone will be waiting for Simon when we start the extraction process.


Status has Gone Green


Twitch stream profile:


Heh, Discord peeps noticed Simon’s exosuit is different from the one on the dashboard.


I am soooo glad we didn’t try to do this with brainwaves.


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Has a condition were lol

Turns into a wolf at full moons and Betelgeuse


I noticed that too because I sent the Simon shot to a friend saying it was my favourite helmet with those white glowing eyes, then I realised it wasn’t present in the new screen I’d sent and had to fish out the old one. :slight_smile:


Woah I was offline for like an hour and when I finally come back all the Dreamers with corrupted data are dead??? Welp now only 30 more minutes till extraction time.


What? When?


See the direct link below and further discussion there: