Patient Intervention Thread - Simon


I assume we still have a livedrop of some kind tomorrow, why else spell out London?
And the dates are today and tomorrow


It seems to be heading that way…it will be madness on the streets of London tomorrow though because of everyone going wild over the world cup.


Makes sense perhaps because Simon did not know where his brother moved to. He only knew it was in Europe. So Alex must be in London. Someone did mention that the World Cup is in London tomorrow so…?


I posted some information on the other thread maybe that’ll help you… this is pretty crazy. H/T to @SingularGleam and @jedidia for helping me to understand. LoL


Element 5 still going


It’s going fast too


Depends. If it’s before the game, things shouldn’t be too unusual. If during the game, there won’t be a bloody cat in the street. If after, yeah… that’s gonna be rough.


The world cup isn’t in London, but the people of London will still be buzzing in the streets because England is playing in a quarterfinal…especially if England win things will go crazy on the streets.


Add this info to Alex being in London and a live drop makes sense.


How do you get those conversations about Alex?


Simons event


Patient Intervention Thread - Simon?
Enter the planet names that the Coordinates took the players to into the Myriad app conversation box


My prediction is for 5th Element to be scrambled image of the place of the drop, plus a time-stamp… or Milla Jovovich. I’m 50% on that.


Between 3 and 5 pm yes. (local time) so it’s better if the event is before :wink:

@Virakotxa what about a new Atlas multipass ?


Looks like that element might unlock today -75%


Ah, this live event we can click on and do stuff with in app…that’s a first.


I hope whoever goes to the drop remembers to tell Alex this.

If we get in touch with Alex, what would you like to tell him?
Simon :
Tell him that I miss exploring with my brother.


Yes. I wondered if we would ever use that? :thinking: :smile:


Not having much luck with passes so far…


Possible location with planet names

If you choose to visit you have to go to the rainforest area to see the notorious bandit the three legged monkey who tried stowing away in the buggies coming through

Though it is near to where the Pride Parade is being held so may be a bit busy :face_with_raised_eyebrow: