Patient Intervention Thread - Simon


Isn’t it so fun! :rofl:




So where did that address come from? Mass confusion! :rofl:


, The planet names - report your findings back to Emily - enter the planet names to get more coordinates


Element 5 is loading up


Typing moNkey into the uplink app yields these coordinates


London LiveDrop tomorrow…


Can you list the planet names please so the rest of us can enter them into the app? :smiley:


Ok, I just realised what is going on :smile:

You have to go to the dashboard and click on Simons community event. Emily gives you coordinates, and then you type the name of the planet into the uplink app to get the next set of coordinates.

I’ve caught Coffee and Bandit for the first two, but I couldn’t’t keep up while figuring out what was actually happening.

Precon 007 status change 7-6-18&7-7-18

coffee, bandit and pardon


From the capital letters in each name?


add monkey, makes four. What’s the fifth?


Planet names

Precon 007 status change 7-6-18&7-7-18

And emily’s at it with the lying again… Oh dear. Well, that was thouroughly confusing.


Anyone knows what the password for Simons dashboard event is?


You mean the three conversations? Not sure what you mean by his dashboard…the community event don’t have passwords like the conversations do.


we’ll have it toorrow i think


Well, it hasn’t switched to green yet…


I’m utterly lost.
Between running back and forth from the PC to the PS4 missing things, Macs livestream cutting out due to my poor reception and no access to a Myriad app, I’m reduced to just spectating.
Was a fun build up though…
Can’t say I didn’t try.


Sometimes it takes them time to change things manually in the app.