Patient Intervention Thread - #231187661T


I think it refers to the boundaries that separate each instance of the simulation. Those boundaries failing is what’s causing the sims to bleed into eachother or for travellers to discover what’s under the surface, secrets about telamon from the boundary failure structures etc.

That’s just my interpretation, of the situation TRUMPET HOOK (daaaamn, daaaamn, daaaamn, jaaaames)


I do tend to agree that we will most likely not be able to extract #231187661T. I am pretty sure this actually is Telamon, not just because of the T at the end, but also because of the fact we can only see a suit. It also matches perfectly with the Ring Structure timeline, as well as our start of the game. Telamon was more or less banished to serve a different, but very important function, being our ‘suit’.

Also fits very well with Greek mythology, where Telamon was banished by his father Aeacus, after killing his half brother Phocus. Of course the meaning of the name says a lot as well, as Telamons are ‘support’ columns, also called ‘atlas’. Telamon was also a hero, being the first to break through the walls during the Trojan War (Bibliotheca). All very fitting, although I hope this is not going to turn out a Trojan Horse, or has it?

Either way, it doesn’t stop me from attempting to unlock further info, as I would love to have a word with him!


I never knew all of this about Telamon… interesting. But I agree, #231187661T could be Telamon. But also, isn’t he a program coded in to monitor ew hat ATLAS was doing? I mean, the theory is plausible imo, but also not 100% accurate to lore. But of course, I could very well have misunderstood the lore.


Telamon, as “sub-routine” could be a sort of schizophrenia of Atlas. Telamon in architecture is also named Atlas. Atlas created universes but wanted to LIVE so he created Telamon, a part of itself, put it as suit to experience life.
We can read Telamon “saying” about travellers “i’ll wear them all…” Travellers are only “living” form it can wear.

And if Telamon IS Atlas it explains why Atlas is not able to erase Telamon.

But #231187661T exists, it’s a dreamer. It can be Emily herself…


I remember Telamon having dialogue in the Boundary Failures where he would remark upon the state of the ATLAS, and the ATLAS couldn’t erase him because he was put there to monitor it. And it sounds like they’re separate, because it hints that ATLAS hates Telamon, and so banished him to the exosuit. But that theory could also make sense.


Isn’t it a base of schizophrenia definition ? 2 “minds”, generally drastically different with the stronger one hating the other ?


Well, I’m saying they arent connected besides being n the same simulation/project. I feel like they’re two different entities; the ATLAS, to simulate the universe; and Telamon, to make sure the ATLAS is working in accordance to its programming.


This sequence suggests very much to me that Telamon was deliberately made by the Atlas’ creators, and installed on the same computer. i.e. they’re not the same entity.


Some interesting ideas…existing lore says Telamon was a program created to monitor the Atlas and one so important it couldn’t be erased…but were the creators of the Atlas and the simulation mad enough to essentially fuse human consciousness into machine? Was Telamon a dreamer at some point? Was Emily? It’s possible. Telamon could also be an alter ego of the Atlas. All of these are really good ideas.


Well, there’s precedent for it:


Why i think of a kind of “schizophrenia”:

The 1st entry we have with the Boundary failure lore is:


ITERATION #3489023904A

SCENERIO: Sub-routine ‘Sentinel’ [20491] dispatched to inteverne in
lifeform designates [-------] war. Removal from history / Continuation of
[CREATOR] protocols.
‘Sentinels’ [20491] eradicate species. [148] do not return. Diagnostic
ANALYSIS: [-------] continues to express original programmed directives,
growing its ability to model conflict scenarios.
[Redundant Behaviour]. Data loss troubling, potential loss of control

You’ll tell me if i make a mistake but “encounter” can mean meeting but also confrontation. If so, this 1st entry can be the 1st time Telamon was “outside” Atlas (as merely a sub-routine but a different “mind”)
At this point Telamon is not able to name Atlas and just say [-------] (7 “-” telamon has 7 letters ?)
The important thing is the end [self-awarness]? For who ? Atlas ? Telamon? or both as they are one ? Atlas, aware of itself, has to follow his program but “create” Telamon beecause with self-awarness commes something new for a computer: the doubt. “Can i do wrong ?” So he took a part of itself to create a sub-routine with a name which also mean Atlas “to observe and monitor itself in case of rampancy.”

Telamon will know that during the 7th encounter (Atlas lied to me), it will also discover that the end is close.

Consciousness fades. The world grows dark.

(Telamon lose its consciousness, it’s not a sub-routine anymore, a new status is coming.

8th Encounter (no scenario name), Telamon is embodied. It can say “Atlas” now.

I can finally say its name. ‘Atlas’, I croak. ‘Connecting Atlas…’

Telamon, as a part of Atlas, is in a suit and wearing a traveler. Conected, Atlas can then “feel the life”

13th Encounter (Memory)
Here i have two perceptions of the entry

ANALYSIS: Physicality changes you. I was created three weeks after the
first death. I do not know why I think of it now.
They considered me a necessary, even vital part of what they were trying to
accomplish. So much so that I could never be erased, not even by the Atlas.
But hatred finds a way, doesn’t it?

Enbodied, Atlas is not able to erase the part of itself even if it wanted it.

The other point of view is because the “after the 1st death”. Is it possible that the suit is the exosuit W/RE used with dreamers ? They would start to use it after a 1st casualty ? If so, Atlas created Telemon after the lost of one of the very first travelers. As Travelers are a sort of echoes of the “creator” ,and a creator can’t die, Atlas tried to avoid that even if (we know but not Atlas) it wasn’t his fault.

15th Encounter

The end approaches. There is no time and no space to say how much I
loved life. Only fear is left.

19th Encounter (Error)

Balaron, Dryn’dargh, Korvax Prime, all the other homeworlds… all of them
had an ‘Atlas’. All of them had a machine designed to simulate realities.
What if this is all reality truly is? Dream upon dream, coalescing into a sum
beyond its parts. What if waking is inevitable?

coalescing into a sum beyond its parts

Everything is a part of Atlas, so Telamon is.

And if #231187661T is Atlas/Telamon/Emily, waking would mean the end of everything (so we’ll fail or we can’t play anymore :stuck_out_tongue: )

Uh! What a long post for a theory :sweat_smile:

In architecture telamons are colossal male figures used as columns. These are also called atlas…


WAIT!! Three weeks after the first death!! When did the first of the dreamers die in the ARG? How long ago was that?


Digging through the timeline of the ARG the first reported deaths I can find are June 9 2018…is this correct? Am I missing something? It feels like it’s been longer than that but I am not 100% since people have been in bad health and in danger of dying for months now with WARE.

But if that is actually true and if the ARG deals with the creation of Telamon at all then that should be around June 30th.


Are you thinking the ‘after the first death’ reference might be something to do with a safety protocol introduced with Ware?
I always took it to be a reference to dying in the simulation but I think you are on a more logical track.


It’s hard to know for sure but right now I’m reading it as three weeks after the first person died in the whole creation process of the simulation and the Atlas.


I don’t believe that the 14 dead in Beijing were the firsts casualties in W/RE human experiments. Memo we can read (about Philipp ) is a 2017. And we can be sure they started their experiment in China before USA.


But do we have any confirmed deaths prior June 9?


Hard to have confirmed informations from a secret lab. But I think we had something.

Zheng’s note:

Test subjects have been called in and the device has been used on them in ways that i could never condone 7 of them lost as we speak 3 of them are dead 8 are on the verge of being unrecoverable their intentions are not what we think they are actions should be taken to shut them down exit


I mean it’s all speculation right now so anything and everything could have happened prior to us becoming involved with WARE. Right now to me it feels like Telamon may end up being a huge end piece of the ARG since it’s our suit AI and a major feature of this update is that for the first time we’ll be able to see our suits. Could I be wrong? Of course I could, very easily. But Telamon seems like a character that should be big…sort of how prior to 1.3 we found out Emily was an AI called loop16.


It is quite possible to mean the first ‘reported death’ relating to the sim as we know it.
This may not have even happened yet. Time is all screwey between us, the sim and the events of Waking Titan.