Patient Intervention Thread - #231187661T


When did we get that note?


It was after Arnaud. I don’t have date and we don’t know how old this note can be.


No I mean wen did we the players first see this in terms of the IRL date we got the memo.


betxeen May 12th and 13rd according Gamedetective


Ok so we had some WARE headset related deaths prior to May 12th at some point. Still close but not close enough for my theory unless there’s some different interpretation of the first death. Of the 12 subjects we are helping we know that they were plugged into the headsets around January 15 or so…it could also relate to when Telamon was created too. So much mad speculation lol.

Still…regardless of who/what #231187661T is, it feels like his/her identity will be important in the end…especially since it is a direct reference to a crashed ship log in game.


Well at this point, Ware has not created Atlas and if I understand the lore correctly, the creation of Telemon is after Atlas is created.
Maybe the ‘first death’ hasn’t occured yet.


You know I also wonder if #231187661T is not a human being at all…maybe it’s an AI or a program that took over someone’s body after they were plugged into the simulation…sort of how Smith crosses over to the real world in one of the Matrix movies.


If all the boundaries failed, wouldn’t we get a multiplayer simulation?


Could the T be for Traveller? It was an option to upload or let Artemis die. Is it Artemis?


Depends on how they interpret boundaries but I am inclined to agree this may well be about multiplayer and could function as a way to invite/join others or possibly jump on/off a server.

@Finnerty Doubtful for this to be Artemis as depending on player choice Artemis could be dead and is not guaranteed to be alive in everyone’s game today.


No, Mr. Zheng sent secret messages to Dr. Nadeau which told of people dying from the W/ARE headsets when he was on the run back in May. So the “first death” was at least that long ago.


You also find out that Artemis was already dead 20 years before you heard from them. Uploading their consciousness into a simulation might not even be considered “resurrecting” them, it’s really more like making a copy of them, imo.


Has anyone tried putting an Atlas Pass code into the Dashboard activation code box? Or something connected to it? I sadly don’t have a pass to try this out. I’m just curious, thinking that the #231187661T may eventually lead to us and the anonymous helmet.


I just tried my Atlas Pass code and it did not work. Does it have something to do with the recent special Atlas Passes?


Did you have any luck with #231187661t yet ?


No progress there…pretty sure none is possible right now. We just have to wait until nodes unlock.


I’m beginning to wonder if it is possible that Emily has this designation, perhaps she was a dreamer but they managed to wake her before some catastrophe happened with the satellite, which locked the other dreamers into their simulation, Emily has been given the task of trying to wake them because she is the only one who possibly has the knowledge and experience to help the others, but also needs the help of CSD members to stimulate her into asking the right questions!!


My theory is that #231187661T is Elizabeth Leighton’s brain-scan data and there will actually be 13 dreamers connected to the dashboard because Emily is trying to resurrect her creator


That really is a considerable insight. Reflections within reflections.


I agree…but I think there’s also a body connected to that machine…possibly someone who was already too far gone to have their mind repaired for extraction…I wonder if Emily might be able to essentially insert a sort of emulation of Elizabeth’s personality into a different body.