Off Base Farming


I’ve been curious if others could see my off base farm, then found out it was not visible to visitors. Nonetheless, I was wondering if others ever bothered to build an off base farm, as I have.

Here is what I am talking about, since it could be confused with farming at your freighter.


No. We’ve raided your base a few times lately and have never seen the extra farm area.


It seems not to show for others. It’s actually just outside my base’s boundary.


@Honcho I have added a category to your topic.

This glitch was discovered about 6 months ago, and anything placed outside base limits will not be visible to others. I am sure others have used this glitch since, as I first saw it in one of the NMS Base Showcases on YouTube from @MacForADay. Do however be aware that this glitch may have consequences, although unconfirmed, I can imagine an additional risk involved.


Can you explain “additional risk”?


Basically everything you place using the glitch, requires to be saved, where it would normally not be possible. This may result in corrupted save data or possibly affect your game at some point. This has however not been proven, but I just want to make players aware of being careful using glitches like this and not be disappointed if anything does go wrong.

Edit: When using this glitch to build anything outside base boundaries, I can imagine it to cause issues. Similar to how getting Base Complexity over maximum can wreck someones game. See this topic here: Over Maximum Game Wrecker Bug


Gotcha. Thanks for the information.
I will offer up, simply for the info, that I did this at my previous base with a lot more plants than I currently have. There was no issue there. So far there has been no issue. fingers crossed it remains that way.


You’re welcome. I am happy for you that is has so far not resulted in any issues and I certainly hope it stays that way. Just be careful and aware of it.


Fingers are crossed for sure.


Yeah, I was at your base recently and I don’t think I saw all those outside plants. I wonder if some of my slightly off base editing will be visible to others. I hope in the next update we can do a bit of off world farming. Shame not to grow shrooms on the toxic moon that’s right there eh?


No kidding.
By the way, I just saw your Com ball. Glad you didn’t sneeze.


By the way, your base was very cool.


Thanks mate. I’ll have to find out if anyone has found my secret vault. It’s possible the entrance is hidden to all but me. :thinking:


I set up some farms on past planets separate from my base. My observation was that these constructions take up part of your save file and contribute to the build limits. As you travel further the save file starts to drop planet discoveries from your list. So at this point it seems that I have objects in the base area (save file) that are no longer accessible.