Bug: Unlimited farming on another players base when owner is present

Some of you will be mad I submitted this bug report. Some of you will be glad I did. :slight_smile:

Sent to zendesk but reporting bug here too.

When you are playing with friends in a lobby together, if you farm crops at their base, they will regrow instantly. This allows you to farm indefinitely. I’m already on stupid money with my old save so I haven’t taken advantage of this but my friends have turned my five circuit board farm into an infinite circuit board farm and are now sitting pretty on millions.

This bug is not present if the owner is not present.

If you pick the crops at your own base though , they will disappear for the others and not regrow instantly for other players and they will have to wait the alloted time.

This bug only happens when base owner is prese t in lobby, e.g if two people are playing together and visit my base the bug is not present, I must be in attendance.


Sshh lol :wink:


Your new Indian name is Mouth of the South.:alien:


Hey that can be great for getting a lot of building supplies.


Dang it! I’ve known about this for a while now but didn’t want it to get patched. Oh well. I’ll just go back to glitching my exocraft through floors and phasing through walls… :stuck_out_tongue:


1.54 killed it? Funny how they don’t mention that in the notes.

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Well, I’m sure it’ll get patched soon. A glitch like that doesn’t go unnoticed by devs

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