Farming and Bases questions

Just a couple of questions.

Has the farming changed since Next? I have created a farm and just want to know if the re-growing of the plants is the same for everyone who visits or if everyone has to wait for them to grow again after someone has visited?

Also I’ve visited a few of the bases on the Portal Repository for PS4 normal mode in the Euclid Galaxy, but I haven’t been able to view any of them. Am I doing something wrong or is it possible they have created their bases but not uploaded them?



@Marky: I have added the sub-category ‘Help A Fellow Traveler’ to your topic.

Farming has certainly changed since Next. As you likely noticed, the growth times have been dramatically increased, but now in real-time. Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that farming in multiplayer is still client-side. I could be wrong about the following, as I am not familiar with multiplayer details (yet). I think multiple players can harvest the ‘same’ crops. Each player will likely have their own real-time registration client-side, for the re-growth of these crops.

Not quite sure what is up with not seeing bases in multiplayer. I would assume those bases posted on the portal repository are all registered/uploaded. Might be issues with the network or some sort of session requirement. Possibly even region restrictions? Maybe someone else can chime in on this…


What I have experienced with others peoples farm in multiplayer. Is if you are a guest you can harvest and the re-spawn for the plants is a few seconds. you can fill up your slots fairly quick. Bug? I’m not complaining. But, as soon as the host harvests, back to host timed wait.


Ah, I assumed they had fixed that issue with crops in multiplayer. So apparently farming is based on host timer … interesting :woozy_face: