No Man's Sky Mods

It’s just a stupid easy force of habit, as I honestly prefer different. I don’t need any setup, no server required, all provided for free, to quickly mess about with and get some result.


NMS Collections Backup Restore and Sharing Tool :link:
Updated for 3.88

updater version of NMSC now supports Squadrons, plus all the following changes!

-NEW FEATURE! Now imports Goatfungus’ save editors .pet, .wp0 and .sh0 files, i.e. the files you get when you export companions, multitools and ships from that tool!
-NEW FEATURE! Get your portals list via the link in the places tab, and teleport to any of them!
-NEW FEATURE! Teleport to your bases via the bases screen (not all bases will work, a message will come up if you can’t go there)
-NEW FEATURE! Saves your ship location now along with your place, so you can see your ship when you use the places feature to move your player!
-Can filter by galaxy for places and companions, on their selector screens, or by the search box on the Places tab (for places).
-Can filter by galaxy in the bases screen too
-Can sort by cargo inventory on the ships selector screen
-Updated help sections
-Improved importing & backing up process to speed up and fix memory issue
-Adjusted selector screen item sizes for better fits on 1080p screens
-Improved selector screens usability
-Selector screens now order by date as they open
-Can open files directly from file system by clicking the ““Open from file explorer…”” link on the selector screens
-Added option to get rid of selector screens altogether for each data type ("“Don’t use selectors for:”"), if yours are getting too big and unweildy
-Fixed autobackup keeping only 1 backup, and overwriting custom backups
-Better detection if save needs upgrading
-Added sentinel, drone and ““unknown”” example images for ships

COMING NEXT: Support for winstore/gog/console versions!


you know…I’m beginning to suspect I need to get more sleep and work a lot less lol…cause I was reading through some notes I made on some code I was looking at…and I swear I dont remember writing half of it lol…but one line really stood out

Download Type ? Sharable creature discoveries?

Wishful thinking, or something I found …no idea lol Likely something to do with Discovery Server…but it got me thinking there is a Creature Hologram Object in code, it would be cool if you could share holograms with other players…maybe like byte beat tracks…


Enhanced Edition Image Gallery


Iirc a creature hologram was talked about somewhere a long time ago in game, not sure if it existed as a buildable object or not.
It wouldn’t be too difficult to do that, the game would just need to pull discovery data and it would be able to display any given discovery as a hologram, given how the discovery system works.

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It was a buildable object that I believe was just a place holder and not functional…can’t recall 100%. But yes, it should be very easy.


I really need more time to play with this shit lol… EXE has built in documentation using reflector for various tagfiles…

<hktagfile version=“3”>

now if I only knew how to trigger you…but I see you in there…oh I see you…

…havoc…this involves you somehow doesn’t it…

YOU EXIST> SON OF A …a C++ Serializer…


Well thats one mystery that was driving me crazy… now just need to find the time to compare the source code to what’s in the exe to see what secrets I can find…


Might have figured out what the FileBrowserRecents bit is referring to in the EXPORTED folder’s file. Looking through an old image of the engine, there’s a small Toolbox [FileBrowser] at the bottom.


Yeah there is a lot more hidden stuff in here than I thought. Not sure any is usable…honestly haven’t done much IDA in years and trying to remember shit from my 20s doesn’t always go well Example Memory snapshot…expected to be a external file…not just wrapped in at 60gb… now looks like I am stuck as it keeps crashing trying to reload or remove the segments…argh…

lol But I almost had a heart attack when I found the damn thing has code that links to its SVN code repository host. Like why would they leave these bit in lol curious if some of the functions would enable if I enabled all the global debug flags as a mod first…weekend cant come soon enough lol