NMS Expeditions

FWIW, early on in Expeditions (pretty much as soon as I had the hyperdrive ability) I explored the route stages, visiting space stations, and building bases with teleporters in significant systems on the way.

Then I went off-route, to explore and pursue achievements, knowing I could teleport back into any part of the route I chose.


My solution was to take a portal from the starting region (some were nicely marked by player bases) to my creative-mode base planet. I knew that area was mostly unexplored, I’ve only used that mode for base-building experiments myself. I claimed my expedition mode base in the exact same spot (a wild base computer), and started exploring in the region for the first time.

I haven’t finished the expedition yet either though. I only have the last 4 rendezvous milestones left to do, but I tend to get distracted… Spent the last few days trying to build a cool base instead. :grin:


Ooooh, Space Bling! I never had gold ships.

I bet you have a hairy chest and wear a gold chain and your real name is Arnold Rimmer :stuck_out_tongue:


Does that smeghead even have chest hair?

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Careful he doesn’t salute your sense of humour we’ll be here all day.


I re-read the Expeditions info Hello Games put out. A few things I didn’t key on originally:

  • Seasonal (4 times a year?)
  • Each expedition will have a theme, and offer a new way to look at the colossal universe of No Man’s Sky.”
  • This is just the beginning.

Expeditions is like a hugely upgraded version of the old weekend mission “seasons” (now replaced with just higher-reward normal Nexus missions). So I’m guessing it’ll follow that approach, more like a streaming show season, released “whenever they’re done”.

I’ve generally had fun with this one, am very happy they’ll be doing more in the future. It’ll be interesting to see how they make each one unique.


Seasonal content in games usually just means “available for a limited time”. Now, the first expedition takes 2 months, which could mean that they indeed plan to have 4 of these a year with a month of “downtime” in between, though that’s rather speculative.


I thought it was good to be forced out of my comfort zone, and made to start again from nothing. It refreshed the game for me, and I’m still playing my Expeditions save.

That said, when you start from new, there’s a fixed heirarchy of dependent goals you have to achieve. It’s long, it’s involved, and I imagine it gets tired fairly quickly. So I’m interested to see what the future Expeditions involve. I hope it’s something new - something different.

Restarting once was revitalising. For me, restarting again and again would become mind-numbing.


I enjoyed Expeditions, especially because it seemed more relaxed than starting over in normal mode. Quicker and higher yield rewards. As long as the items open for use in my normal save file, I like the fact that the rewards are event-specific. Feels like an accomplishment to set out that Pioneer sticker and flag at my base in my normal save game. I assume, once this event ends, there will be no way to get these rewards, which makes them more special.


Yeah, my problem is more that I usually start in survival and that I impose artificial limitations on myself to not get rewards so awfully quickly and keep the game at least a bit challenging for longer… :rofl:


Had the same mentality… till some random guy dropped about 100 stasis devices in my inventory at the nexus. Decided to be rich instead. Lol


After a late start… 1 down.

And got my first pet


For those who wish to know exactly when Season 1 of Expeditions will end.

Just made a countdown real quick for the current Expeditions Season 1. The countdown is based on the end time found in the save file. Will show in days/hours/minutes/seconds instead of rounded as it currently does when hovering over the save before launching in-game.

NMS Expeditions Countdown Season 1 :link: (JSFiddle)


Not sure where to post this so I’ll just go with a current topic.

I recently noticed that those Ancient Data Structure things, that you stumble across sometimes, now yield varied goodies like Drop-Pod Co-ordinates & not just Navigation Data.
Unsure when the change occurred but they are now worth a look…

(Not sure if I got the name correct but I mean those floating, glowy, red cubes on pedestals that were once called Vortex Cubes way back in the early days.)


As you progress in the game, these things can save you a lot of money. When you first start out, extra exosuit slots are cheap - but the more you have, the more expensive they get. The final few will cost you millions - and a drop pod will give you one for free.

Drop pods are not nearly as common as they used to be. So coordinates for finding them are worth having.


I’m sure it’s a new variety that only happens in Expeditions. I’ll be back to tell if it happens in one of the other saves. But I did notice that yesterday too.


Absolutely! Exocraft with the Advanced Signal Booster can be really helpful finding those too. Sometimes you can still find planets that have a decent population of those, and just scan/eyeball search from your ship. I built my inventory up quite fast doing that on a couple good planets in Expeditions… actually had bunch of unneeded inventory expansion modules from the stage rewards by the end.



Still playing my Expeditions save, I completed the Telamon sequence, and then went on to complete the Atlas Path.

Now seeking to open up the Remembrance sequence, I need to undertake the Artemis quest, followed by The Purge.

I have completed all the base building tasks involving the specialists. I’ve visited Nada and Polo in the Anomaly - but I can’t get the Artemis quest to trigger. I don’t know whether Artemis has been locked out of Expeditions, or if I’m just experiencing a funny bug.

Has anybody else managed to play Artemis in Expeditions?

  • In Expedition Mode there is no tutorial and the Artemis mission path does not automatically begin.


Artemis is not available at all in Expeditions and it is believed to become available after your save is converted to ‘normal’ mode once this season ends.