Save Editor Ship Seeds

This is not something I have ever done before. Generating a ship using save editor. So, did I do something wrong or is something not up to date or do I just not understand… :sweat_smile:
I wanted to take my ship I was given at the start of the Expeditions scenario

and put it into my Normal game save.
So I went into save editor and wrote down the seed for the ship and then went into my normal game and made sure I was in a ship I no longer wanted. Then into save editor in my normal save file and changed the seed. I did not hit Generate…(using goat fungus)
This is what I got.

Same name as my Expeditions ship but not the same look. I replaced a boxy hauler with this seed and got a different hauler. I like it , just not what I was aiming for. Someone please explain. :grin:


I don’t know how it works, but the fact that you got a hauler when you replaced an existing hauler makes me think that there is a second setting that you might need to toggle to “explorer”? I.e the seed does not contain the information what ship type it is?

Can you look at what options are available?maybe each ship entry has a property for its type (explorer, hauler, shuttle, fighter), and additionally they all use the same list of seeds, with different results respectively?

Really just guessing blindly.


Ok makes sense…there is a place that shows what I already have ex: hauler, etc…that allows me to choose…I am fairly certain it is showing which ships I already own. Perhaps I need the correct ship type already in my posession.
I will try that.

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@sheralmyst open NMS Save Editor. Click on the ships tab. Select the ship you want to export in the drop down list. Click the EXPORT button and save in the default location with a name you will recognize as that specific ship. Go back to the main menu and select the save you want the ship imported into. Click the ship tab. Click the IMPORT button and select the saved ship file to import it. All you need is an empty ship slot in the save to import a ship file.

Edit: This also works for multitools.


:+1: woo hoo! Thanks! Will do that as soon as I get home!

But wait…if I do this, then I will no longer have the desired ship in my Expedition save file any more,correct? If so, then I will wait until I finish all Expedition missions. Just 2 more fleet missions and I will be done.
Ok no. It seems it does stay…yippee!


Success! Thanks @BlackIris & @AdaRynin . While it does not carry over mods and items, (that is what save editor is for, lol) it did work and now I know how to do it. :upside_down_face:


I wonder if the ship will appear in the Normal save the as it gets created from the Expeditions save when Expedition #1 ends.

That would be a nice touch.


Do not use the “genarate” button … simply enter the ship seed in replacment of one you already have and want to change the shape. It has worked for me :slight_smile: