NMS Expeditions

I had a technique where I activated their spawns quickly on one side of the building. Then, I would run to the other side and load up before most of the monstrosities would make their way over.

The consumed…that’s great.


Damn, my counter for nanites for the phase 3 milestone stopped incrementing. Has anybody else experienced this issue?


I did not encounter that issue (that I know of) but my counter for other things like the mineral scans for the explorer’s guild did not work but counted once I reached the required number. Hopefully, it is still counting? :grimacing:

What I have been experiencing is mid-air collisions with other players. I was pulse jetting to a space station and saw another player and figured he was in the station. Then I slammed into him about half way there . He was in a pirate battle. :sweat_smile: He prolly wondered what the?
Then I had another collision as I entered the Anomaly. It sent my ship spinning towards the ceiling but thankfully, I recovered and landed safely.


Stop spending them, as it requires an amount of nanites to actually have on you :wink:


Wait, they expect me to stack up 5000 Nanites? I have over 900 hours on that GoG counter, and I have never had this many nanites at once! :open_mouth:

I guess I’ll leave that for later, when I have all the equipment that I need.


Yeah. Expeditions has sent me back out on foot, opening every container I run across. Broken Machinery is a good source. I was opening everything in sight and reached the achievement in no time.


I assumed that this was cumulative as well. I didn’t spend many nanites, as the module rewards for milestone completion were good enough for the time being. I scored the 5000 nanite reward without watching it closely.

As @sheralmyst described, just grab all of the nanites in your path like broken machinery and it completes before you know it.


Refining Tainted Metal (as found on derilicts) gets good amounts of nanites.
Stockpiling the muck from opening Damaged Machinery also eventually refines to nanites.


Most often when grabbing buried cache you get some data that looks worthless but examining it will give ~100 nanites. While walking around to find waypoints I collected damaged machinery for 25-30, Buried cache for 50-120, Abandoned buildings for 100-150. The waypoints for 10 and there is one task that we did that gave a couple thousand. Occasionally buried cache or damaged machines give upgrades that can be sold for 200ish to 500ish. You can refine pugneum to nanites 25:1, Larval cores 1:50, Hadal Core 1:50, Salvaged Data 1:25 (I should check that this is still correct, it has been a while since I did this one). I didn’t worry about the goop etc though I have a friend that uses it a lot. By the end of the expedition I have well advanced tech everywhere, 11K nanites left over, and about 17 S-Class upgrades in a container for the next ship/multitool that would be worth ~5000 (guess).


I finally finished the Exploration Guild missions. Many of them were derped. Scanning minerals and flora did not always work. I was either sent to a building, which made no sense, or the counter did not want to tally, but did not keep me from finishing or in the case of scanning flora, I was sent to a hot planet with only 4 flora…I scanned everything.
Just have fleet expeditions to finish and I will be all done.


Rendezvous Systems

An update to the previously posted image


Hmph, it looks like the freighter tech you get from the Mission Control reward are completely bugged. I can’t install a single one of the three I was given. No idea if that relates to that kind of tech in general, or if it’s just these because they were not from an actual derelict (leading to a bug in their description, which might lead to further trouble).


Same problem, mine won’t install anywhere.


Interesting. I haven’t tried to install mine, as I don’t yet have a freighter I would want to invest rare resources in. I did, however, note the peculiarity regarding the source of the module.

I imagine the bug will get fixed soon - HG seem to be very keen on fixes and patches ATM. Whether those of us who have already completed Pioneers will get our prizes back is another matter. It’s difficult to retrospectively fix the results of bugs.

It does, however, raise a whole other subject: it reveals that HG are now actively tracking the source of items used in the game. Why would they do that? Future module trading? Cheat prevention?

It’s got me thinking :grinning:


Yes. The Horrific Flesh Helmet and the Title Pioneer are still locked for me…I really wanted to see the helmet… :ghost:

I tweeted SM (not that he will ever read it) with my pic of 2000 hours play time and suggested there be a reward for every 1000 hours played. The idea is popular but I have no idea if there would be a way to actually do this.


@jedidia , @temp , @Polyphemus : These freighter modules are indeed bugged and can not be installed. The ones that do come from actual Derelict Freighters work fine. Best to report the issue, in hopes to see it fixed with a future update.


It’s just this particular kind of freighter upgrade. The only way to get them is by scavenging them from a derelict freighter, so it’s kind of a nice touch to see where you got it from.
Only they seem to have forgotten about this particularity when somebody had the idea “hey, we could give out a couple of these as mission rewards!”. I’m not too surprised, this kind of thing (reusing objects slightly out of context because it seemed like a great idea, only to notice that there was a particular thing about this particular object that you completely forgot about and that promptly leads to trouble in the new context) is fairly common. Can be guarded against with good constructor design and strict initialisation checking, but that sort of thing can be a bit of a pain in C++. It can also be detrimental to performance, which is why games mostly just don’t bother with it. It’s not like it could lead to a situation where a customer looses millions of dollars and you find yourself in a lawsuit. Game development is really forgiving of bugs, when you think about it…


Yeah Jedidia, sounds like a very plausible explanation.

These derelicts didn’t work for me at all. I see the task in my log and can select it. Do I have to go to a specific star system first?

Because I see dozens of derelicts everywhere. And when I land on them everything quickly goes “all existentialism” on my butt and disappears in front of my eyes.

The most exciting derelict freighter mission, actually… I jumped into a teleporter and managed to get back to the exit, half of the surroundings was just black nothing, and made it back to my ship! But I couldn’t leave, I lifted off and bumped into the invisible insides of (presumably) another freighter that was overlapping the despawned one… and my ship was being beaten to death by invisible fists. (And I quit without saving to get out.)

Very fitting end for a cursed expedition… :smiling_imp:


That’s kind of aside from the point I’m trying to make. In my attempt to be brief, I probably didn’t explain very well - so here goes with the long discussion.

Imagine NMS as a complex spreadsheet, with associated database, and an extremely complicated GUI (which, in effect, is exactly what it is).

In the code for the prize modules, there is a field that is supposed to contain a string identifying where the module came from. In the screenshot I posted, this string and/or field is identified as “%NAME%”.

In the prize module code, this field is either absent, or sufficiently wrong, that the code for the module gets error-trapped, and the module will not load.

My interest lies not in the fact that this particular code contains an error. It lies in the fact that the %NAME% field exists at all.

Because if the %NAME% string exists for the prize modules, then presumably variants of it exist for all modules. And quite probably for all in-game items. And the purpose of the %NAME% string is to identify where the item came from.

And that’s my point - for the first time, we have evidence to show that HG are able to track where specific items came from. Not only are they uniquely identified by type (which, functionally, is all you need), they are also linked to a unique source.

And all the above makes me wonder “Why?”


That’s not something I would assume. I can see where you’re taking the assumption from, but class inheritance is a lot more flexible than database tables (you can do table inheritance in a database, but it’s usually more hassle than its worth), so it’s not a problem for a sub-class to have fields that its parents lacks. In fact, that’s what you’d expect.