Nms crashing at space station in less than 1 min

Hi all. Can anyone tell me why the game crashes after i buy new technology?

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Do you install the new technology or does the game crash before you can buy it?

I buy, then it crashes. Had no problems fixing my spacecraft and getting off planet. I cant move on from space station though, has crashed 4 times so far. Very frustrating. I want to explore so bad.

Just cashed again as i tried to land next to signal on planet. Error code- ce-34878-0.

Going to try one more time before i flag NMS as unplayable

Is it just one store or one type of tech? Or does it happen at all stations and stores when buying any tech?

So sorry you have this problem. When reporting a bug or issue please remember to state what you are playing on. I assume this is a PS4 issue.

Okay so this is a really old post. Why did it just now show up for me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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