Crashes every 5 minutes error CE-34878 -0

Almost 400 hours in since NEXT came out. Game crashing ever 5 minutes. Trying to build a base, not using lights, nothing extravagent.
I don’t understand all these folks can have a base with tons and I mean tons of farming, building stuff, and no crash.
I try to build a base, and crash after crash after crash.

Game’s unplayable right now. I give up. I’ve tried deleting my save file, and I just don’t have it in me to start another brand new game over.

I just spent a week getting from 650,000 LY to almost the center of the galaxy doing black hole stuff, and I’m at my wits end.

no other games crashing or giving me any trouble on my PS4. Just NMS.



Is it just in the base you are trying to build? I suggest trying to completely leave the system and reloading the game elsewhere to see if the game plays fine away from the base you’re building…it could be a base complexity issue. And second, make sure you attach or link your save files to a ticket report to the zendesk:


This happened to me a short time after NEXT came out. The crashes centered around a base with a very large footprint on a cold planet. I had a frostwort farm there, and the base was built with glass everywhere, including about 10 Bio-Domes. Incidentally, I also had about 8 landing pads and had intended to continue adding them until I reached 10.

Crashes became so bad that if I looked away from the base and back toward it, I would invariably crash.

I carefully and tediously dismantled 2/3 of the base during a series of quick trips, deletes, and saves, trying hard not to look at the entire base at once. I also moved my planted frostwort to the region that once contained my foundation. I now have two landing pads, no Bio-Domes, and a structure that is 1/3 the length of the original, but no crashes at all. I’ve attributed the crashes to problems rendering too much transparency, but that’s just a hypothesis. I had all walls, doors, and floors transparent in a building 4 floors high on a massive wood foundation. This may not help, but you might consider the transparency or restarting the base in a different environment. Do you crash when you are not around the base?

Incidentally, the name of my formerly unstable base is Frostwort Farm, but I considered renaming it Medusa, because every time I looked at it, the game turned to stone.


Nice :grinning:


@Mad-Hatter was having a crash issue. He cleans out his PS4 regularly now. I did not know you could do this on PS4 so I can’t remember how. I am sure he will pop in here and give instructions. I am not sure if he is clearing cache or rebuilding the database, so I will not leave instructions. Maybe it will work for you too.


Thanks Darth,

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I can’t build anything on a mountain cause maybe it’s bugged.
I deleted it, and am just standing on a smaller place scratching my head.
I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the cement structures I’m using. When I use the round pre built bases like the old fashioned stuff we had before Next, I have no problem.
I deleted my save completely, and reloaded the game, and deleted my base.
I’ll test it out during the week to see if I have crashes now, since the base is gone.


Well if the crashes were related to the base the crashes should be gone now that the base isn’t there…still, you should have sent that save to HG before deleting the base. But if the crash was related to your base then it likely depends how big it was and how many items it had in it…if it was a very large base or if it had a very large number of items then that was probably the issue. While base building is technically unlimited, it really isn’t, build too much and you reach the limit of what your game system can handle to the point where it crashes your game.

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Hmm, few questions…how many bases do you have, how big are they, do you have a big freighter base and is it parked in the atmosphere or same system as the base you’re building?

I was getting that in my game pre 1.6 due to base size and my freighter being in the vicinity


If this problem persists (& I’m guessing it may but at a less extent) I agree with @DarthTrethon that you should completely delete your base & relocate.
I had a full complexity base back in Atlas Rises and the simple adition of a monument next to a comm wrecked the whole thing and nearly cost me my game. That system became taboo for me forever.

If however your NMS has developed a memory glitch you may need to go extreme.
I fixed this by making backup saves of everything on the PS4 and instigating an INITIALIZATION (in settings).
This completely purges your PS4 and takes about half the day. It also requires a complete reinstall of everything: your profile details, games (including all downloaded extras and updates) and of course your saves from where you left off.
Due to the massive data amount, if you go this route I’d suggest only installing NMS to start with and then your saves and see how it goes.

An initialization is an extreme decision but in my case I now have a fault free experience where I had a disastrously unplayable game…and I got to keep my massive hour save alive.


I used to have this issue all the time until some helpful soul on here told me to lock my framerate in the games general settings. Worked perfectly and never had the issue again.


Having this intermittent crash issue when close to my base on PC. Thinking relocation is best. But so frustrating after all the hard work i put in…


Thanks Dex,

The same crash happened last night when I was playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey sadly. So I guess it wasn’t due to my base. But I’ve noted your advice too. I think I’m also going to stop using the cement structures.


I know what you mean Dersvr about the freighter being in close proximity to a base. I remember my game crashing when my freighter was next to my sky base. That was a mess with all 50 of my frigates in the vicinity too lol.


Mad-Hatter, I think I may end up having to do an initialization. My Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gave me the same error crash last night, so I don’t think it’s No Man’s Sky.
I have a question.
Since I upload all of my currently playing games to the “online” storage for ps4 does that mean it will be there if I initilize? Will my account even be there, and my profile, or do I have to re-add it to my ps4. All 90 of my games are in my library, except my No Man’s Sky game is on disk.

I don’t have a good flash drive right now and I’m clearly worried especially for my 400 hour nms game because the Abyss update is coming out next week. God I don’t want to have to start over again, and lose my ships, my freighter and all my base parts.

Also if I can borrow a flash drive from a co worker how do I hook it up to my PS4 to save my saved game data? I can build a pc, but I have no clue about PS4 stuff as I just plugged it in when I bought it and made a profile.

Thank you all again for your advice.

If this all doesn’t work, I may end up having to buy another PS4 as an extreme measure.


Initialization essentially returns your PS4 to its just out-of-the-box state.
Everything you ever installed or downloaded will be gone.
Everything you want back will have to be reinstalled (including all updates data). NMS is over 12 gig alone.
You can simply access your account by rebuilding your profile details on your newly purged PS4 just like you would if you bought a 2nd PS4. Just be certain you know your password!

90 games is huge compared to me so you may decide to prioritize NMS first to check it even worked before redoing everything.
I’ve only replaced 3 or 4 games since I did mine…

An INITIALIZATION is the last resort before buying a new PS4. I had a crash afterwards but only ever once…compared to all the time.
I believe there is a lesser memory repair you can do but I do not know how to do it.
Good luck.


Simply plug it in and access it from the same settings section you use for saving online.
I’d highly recomend you buy your own USB sticks and also save to the cloud as well. Back up your back ups with even more back ups :grin:

I’d suggest Googling these sorts of questions and refering to the Sony website.
They have screenshots and clearer instructions than I can come up with.

One word of warning when saving data…
Be absolutely certain you check your choice of save direction when saving to USB.
I’ve noticed that it is very easy to accidentally overwrite your good save with an older save as the screen looks almost identical.
**Read exactly what it says and check the alternative option if unsure. **
You want to SAVE TO USB.
Double check every action as it is permanent!

The whole process is kind of scary but it worked for me. Let us know how it goes.


Saving to USB is similar to saving to online. I do this nearly every play session. It is important to note that if you share your PS4 with someone else you MUST DO THIS FOR EACH PROFILE.
For this I’ll focus on NMS only.

Choose this.
Then this…
Then this…

Then this…

Then this…


This is the last option in the settings menu titled

Once you go through the process of saving everything you don’t want to lose forever and are certain you want to purge your PS4, this is when you cross your fingers and hope it all works.
It takes several hours.

Afterwards your PS4 will be a newborn baby and will need all opperating system updates and profile details reinstalled. All your settings will have reverted to default so you’ll need to sort that out too.

This is when you can reinstal NMS from your disk and then let it do its many gigs of download.

Finally, once all this is done you can download your save data. Be absolutely certain you DONT OVERWRITE YOUR SAVE DATA by mistake. I’d suggest downloading from the cloud and keeping your USB backup nice and safe where you can’t possibly overwrite it.

As for all your other games and save data, what you do is up to you and how much data you can access and your own choices. I’ve described here the best I can what I recall of the process and have focussed on NMS. Ultimately the decision is yours and your responsibility.
As I mentioned previously this is the last resort before buying a replacement console.
I wish you the best of luck and hope after it all your NMS save is ok and runs cleanly.


Thank you so much for taking the time for your advice. I am grateful for it.
I just ordered a 128 gig sandisk cruzer 2.0 from amazon for 24 bucks. Good price, and I’ll get it tomorrow. When I get home I’ll copy ad paste all your advice in this thread and follow your instructions to the letter. I want to do whatever it takes to keep my data for NMS. I don’t care at all about the other games I’m playing as far as data, I can always start over, as they aren’t as important as NMS to me :smiley:

This is my first PS4, and I bought it during the time The Division came out, and I take very good care of it, making sure I keep it dust free, etc, and my NMS disk I keep it spotless at all times. I keep a fan on my ps4 so it won’t get too warm as well.

I will order a second flash drive to keep another back up too just for safe keeping.

Have a very nice day! Going back to do work now.

Happy Travels. Also if you haven’t checked out the datamined stuff for The Abyss update, it sounds like it will be incredible and possible deep sea stuff, and maybe, just maybe even a submarine :smiley:


I re-initialized my ps4 last night following your instructions. It went flawlessly and I got all my save files for my NMS. I played it for a little while last night.
I hope everything will run a bit smoother now.

Thank you again, and have a great weekend everybody!