Large Base causes freeze/crash

I am playing on PC (Steam) with a new save since NEXT (80 hrs in). Same issue has been reported on PS4 (regular/pro).

When building a decent size base, I noticed it will at some point start causing an issue in Photo Mode. When continuing to expand on the base building, it may even start freezing or become unresponsive when approached flying. Only rarely does it crash, although you’d have to force quit the game anyway.

I have also started to notice that parts of the base start popping in late. Sometimes invisible until looked at or really close at an object, other times it shows a default building part like a wall, until it pops in to show what it should be. Sometimes even with a sound effect when popping in to show what actually should be there.

I guess a fair warning should be in place for anyone attempting to build large. Hopefully this can be fixed, or at least a limitation in place to avoid the game from becoming unplayable.

See my base video to get an idea of how large my building is. I noticed the issue some time before I finished it to what you see now.


Update on this issue:

Loading the game is fine, with me in the base, next to my save point. I can walk around fine and do whatever. As soon as I move away from my base, whether this be flying, walking or Photo Mode, as soon as I view the base from a distance, it just hangs all of a sudden. Teleporting to my base works fine! Funnily enough, I end up right next to my Base Computer now, right under the glas viewing display I made for it. My ship now ends up right next to the building. So whatever I changed helped get a better spawn :wink:

There is no indication why the game decides to hang, my GPU/CPU behaves fine, no high temperatures, nothing wrong system wise. I have tried lowering the graphics settings, but the issue remains. Even gave the current experimental branch a try, but running into the same issue.

My base has become a huge risk, but I do not really wish to re-locate. Considering teleport works, I will keep the base as is for now. I will keep my storage there as well, as this was a huge pain to get it right. I will however relocate my farming to a new base elsewhere and possibly rebuild a couple of other things.

Wish me luck, as I am currently struggling with this issue. At least it is an interesting way to avoid multiplayer. Maybe that is why I haven’t seen anyone in ages, I have an auto kick feature now :joy:

Hopefully HG can get this sorted…


I was exploring a planet with multiple bases and when I approached one (not that big) near the water, it froze solid. First time I’ve EVER had to close NMS down!


I’ve been having a lot of these solid freezes lately but only since the most recent update. Doesn’t matter what I’m doinf though and seems random. It’s freezing hard on a screen bud audio continues to loop and ni matter how long I wait I do not get a blue bug reporting screen on ps4 as with crashes. Submitted to zendesk.

Have not been back to my base much since the series of photomode crashes but the few times I’ve been since 1.55 I’ve noticed I move around bases a bit slower now. Or it’s in my head and it’s just frame rate being sluggish.


Not sure if due to the update, but I did get a random freeze elsewhere now. Was killing some sentinels at a Trading Post for a mission when it unexpectedly froze. Lots of air traffic though, but what else to expect at such a location.

Audio indeed seem to continue, could be looped, didn’t pay too much attention to it. Frame rate does start to drop at some point, due to all the rendering it has to do with a large size base. I think my video linked above shows it well. I really wish it would actually crash, as I only had that happen twice. Some sort of buffer overflow I expect, but without a crash, no crash dump (log) is generated which could hold useful info.

Two days ago I had moved my Teleporter to my storage room in the base causing me issues. Then I froze looking at it and thought I had found the culprit. So I removed it completely and attempted Photo Mode once more. All was smoothly for a while, changing field of view to max, moving the Photo Mode camera around my base. Then of course, it sadly froze again, only this time it took so much longer …

Anyone experiencing this ‘hanging’ issue, please report and include as much info as you possibly can.



Even though HG has clearly been attempting to make improvements, the issue with large bases still exists, photo mode or not. Both my first base on my normal save in Euclid, as my Ring base on my save in Eissentam still hang when viewed from some distance. I really hope HG can address the issue where a lot has to render in, without losing connection to your GPU altogether.

Mind you, my performance is actually not that bad with 40-60 fps at those bases (60 fps max setting). Changing graphics settings to a bare minimum has no effect. Sure it improves my performance somewhat, but doesn’t prevent the game from hanging/freezing/becoming completely unresponsive. Something is clearly causing an issue and I am pretty sure it is not my system.

Please FIX!


had a base making millions of indium latest update fucked it i thought it was the extractors so i deleted half of them nope it was the batteries

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