NMS: BEYOND pre-release August 14

I’ve never found that to be so … must be with certain
“gaming systems” .

I would love to follow those trade routes out of system as some appear to head outward and fade.

Alot of things in the game since 1.3 have been messed up by HG.

I think so therefore I am right …




Only works with no TP already marked in HUD & only if close to surface of planet, (close enough for trees to render).

Note: Anomoly type planets with only one lifeform never have buildings.


Maybe these ship characteristics could be alternative upgrades you either install or not install to change the function of the ship for certain tasks.

…Emily… Shhhhh… Don’t look now but she’s behind you right now… :slight_smile:


Interesting write-up.


A lot of the design decisions we made were for a niche game. It turned out to be a really large niche.

No kidding, Sean :rofl:


If you’re going to work hard, it’s more exciting to do something innovative and new.

that does not bode will for Beyond.
Mr murray seems to be a kid in a candy shop running from one candy to another non-stop.

BTW that article is the same o, same o, mishmash we have heard for the past 6 months.

Nothing new … move along, move along.



Murray says the team often looks through community discussions – on the game’s Reddit and other forums

This is why we never stop talking about what we would like to see. I agree it would be nice to know they stop by here…we have been told they do.
And I believe BEYOND will indeed grow the player base even more…now, if they would only tell us the 3rd feature already!!! :crazy_face:


lol, sure, sure, we will, just wait and see… lol 99 years pass


99 years later…I will have forgotten what I was waiting for


I too am looking forward to BEYOND, but neither multiplayer not VR thrill me. I do hope that the third component (thanks for not mistakenly calling them pillars) thrills those of us who primary are explorers and xenophotographers.


I’m just like you Clemm, I’m realy looking forward to see what the third part will be since the first two, although very cool for those who like it, aren’t realy for me.


Shouldn’t it be the opposite way around? Fed Creatures will instantly and continually poop themselves when scared by a predator XD Maybe it was a bug report he was writing :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep convincing myself there is going to be a delay and even if it takes til christmas I don’t mind, I’m happy to wait til it’s stable. Prove me wrong Hello Games, Prove me wrong :wink: (no really, prove me wrong HG! I’M CALLING YOU OUT!)


Paul Weir just posted this. Probably an unrelated project but I can’t help but think this guy is doing his best Vy’Keen impression


Not long now until perhaps we get a little more information possibly. :slight_smile:
Another write up revisiting old news from an earlier post by Singular Gleam. This time from GamesIndustry.biz magazine:

Sean Murray to keynote Develop:Brighton 2019

Hello Games founder will reflect on developing No Man’s Sky and discuss the future of the studio

The organisers of Develop:Brighton have revealed who will deliver the opening keynote for this year’s conference.

Sean Murray, founder of No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games, will take to the stage on Tuesday, July 9 in a fireside chat entitled ‘To Infinity and Beyond.’

The session will be hosted by Edge editor Nathan Brown and will cover the making of No Man’s Sky, its launch and the ongoing development that followed it, as well as how this has transformed the game. Murray will also touch on future plans for the studio.

He has also been named the recipient of the first ever Develop Star Award, the biggest prize of the inaugural event that recognises outstanding achievement and contribution to the industry.

Murray will collect this accolade during the ceremony on the night of Wednesday, July 10.

James Batchelor, UK Editor, Monday 13th May 2019


Finally back in the sim, having been away from it for so long, I always felt overwhelmed just thinking about playing it… stupid I know… Got VR a while back knowing that my dream for NMSvr will soon be (i’m sure I was among the first few who said NMS VR had to happen one day!). Despite having played a collective 1000hrs, I knew I had to get familiar again ! So glad that the last update didn’t cause a heap of obsolete tech and material/recipe changes - now comfortable again (for now at least!) zipping around my system in Bud (wish I was back in Euclid - maybe Beyond will make that easier than having to do another 240+galaxyjumps!). Just gutted I missed all the community events = no Quicksilver :sob: lol

Anyway, no one needed to hear this so just hope everyone is and ready to go beyond gaming history! (im sure you are) :peace_symbol:


I’m convinced they must look through here - afterall its the ‘official’ nms forum is it not?

The third feature is… exclusive ships/tech/multi-tools/freighters/planets for all day 1 players! - yeh dream on :angel:


That would be the most terrible thing to ever happen to NMS…


Get NMS Save Editor…the program will place you back in Euclid

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Sean’s award is richly deserved. By now they’ve taken the marbles off the stairs. :wink:


Some Coprite is so large compared to the critter that I think we should hear a cry of anguish as they poop. :smile: