Sean Murray Keynote in July 2019

Does this hint that Beyond will already be out by then, or that it won’t be out until after that? Or just a name?


I’d say it’ll be before Beyond lands, still have a feeling that won’t be until August.

This will be similar to your typical GDC (except for indie devs specifically) and he’ll be discussing developing rather than game content, so he probably will discuss Beyond, but most likely the challenges faced and what new problems redesigning your game to work in tandem with VR entailed etc etc. Sounds like it will be more of a retailored spin on the tale he shared with attendees at GDC this year.

As someone who’s very much interested in that more so than what content we’re getting(since that will inevitably be, a given) I am very much hoping we get at least a transcript from this talk from someone in attendance. A video would be a blessing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up on this. Also very interested to hear the Rebellion talk :grinning:


Forgot to mention, for those that don’t check the link - the keynote is titled To Infinity and Beyond


mmm…so many people said NMS was a failure but HG has shown that they “Can!” make it work. I see a similarity.

Sorry. link is messed up but it still works


Well I hope he reveals the third part of Beyond then or before.


I doubt it. According to that description, the contents of the talk seem to be a post-mortem. Which is a really misleading term nowadays, because they’re quite often done for games (or other things) that aren’t dead yet. They should really start calling it a retrospective…