Innes speaking at GDC - anybody attending?

Do you think we will have a video of the conference relatively soon? It goes live in a couple of hours.

For those who don’t know what I’m mumbling about, Innes McKendrick, coder from HG who is not new to this kind of thing, as some of you may recall, is having today a speech at the Game Developers Conference 2018 together with two other non-HG colleagues . He will specifically address something concerning the reason why nms 1.0 was much changed compared to the beta code, or something along those lines (I’m not an industry insider, just an avid and curious gamer , like most of you).

Check out his long solo speech from last year on YouTube, if you haven’t already. It’s pretty neat, though partly obscure if you’re not that much into game development.


I can’t afford game conventions. Either you have to pay a large sum ($500+USD) or you have to already work in the industry or be a news agency to get in the door.

Whilst I’ve been actively watching the games industry since 1983 and testing games, as a hobby, since 1985…I could never afford to go to a convention. Well, unless a game company invites me as a guest for free! -)



It’s not Innes Mckendrick’s only imminent appearance.

You might be interested in this, too:


I remember when Sean Murray spoke at GDC last year, an online news reporter gave a play-by-play of it as he watched it. Probably won’t happen this time with Innes, but GDC will definitely release the archived video of the panel at some point.

@Polyphemus Nice, so Innes will be speaking again near the end of April.


nice! adding that to my calendar.

Looks like I was wrong. Found a link to this on Reddit; someone attending the GDC talk tweeted out a synopsis of each speaker including Innes.


That actually looks much more interesting!

So, it sounds like everything may get ‘reset’ again but, instead of having to dismantle floating bases, we will be able to transport them to flat ground? I am not a programmer so I don’t really know. I do think they may realize that all of us having to completely restart again may be asking a bit too much, even though I believe most of us would do it if we had to.


I really hope I don’t have to restart it all though… I had a very good start and I am progressing very fast every night… :disappointed_relieved:


The way I read it, Innes was talking about things that had been identified as problems from the initial launch. Since there was much discussion of solutions, I presume many of the fixes were incorporated in subsequent updates.

My understanding of the issue of terrain alterations and bases was that at one time, changing the terrain would simply destroy any bases affected by the change. But now, the updated version allows for this, and automatically generates a new area of flat land for the base to sit on.

Because of the lessons HG have learned, and the changes they’ve made, future versions are less likely to need a restart. They’ve made the game more tolerant of changes.

Well, that’s the way it appears to me.


No, he was saying what they did when they regenerated the universe. They teleported the bases to another flat area for a base.

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