2017 GDC SeanMurray

So I was looking at a video on youtube on the whole DSP radio topic from ETARC’S home page and I see in the list this video from earlier this year. Very interesting first few seconds…reminds me of the Atlas home page and the Myriad site…the whole vid gave me a deeper appreciation for NMS and also furthers my belief that the Korvax are right. Our reality is really someone elses experiment. Maybe we are being used to test parameters or for info gathering for whatever is about to happen in NMS…and even if that is not so, the video is still a good watch. About an hour long.


:clap::clap::clap: i watched the whole thing through and was captivated! if you are a developer or coder this would be very interesting but notable points: 24:45, 47:00, & 48:50


SM’s focus on noise has me reconsidering the noise image found in the one PDF, discussed in this thread:



I watched this a while back. Definitely worth your 53 minutes. I gained even more appreciation/admiration for what Sean and company accomplished in bringing NMS to us.


I watched this as it first went out, thankfully it was a saturday and a very quiet one in the pharmacy at that.

I would also recommend any of the talks Innes McKendrick has given over the years during development, another great insight into the engines inner workings. You might find some of his older talks under the name “Hazel McKendrick” but as far as I know most publications have gone back and updated the talk with his chosen gender.

I’ve always watched dev talks by my favourite developers and although not knowledgable in code I’m very aware of the techniques and processes, smoke and mirror tactics etc, that go in to making a game. So that probably helped me with my expectations somewhat on launch day.

And I think that’s important. I think if more people watched the tech talks and less of the e3 trailers, they might have known their consoles weren’t magical universa simulating devices.

I think it’s important as well people understand how AI is programmed, and how limited it currently is (in videogames, where focus tends to be controls, steady gameplay and visuals above all else, AI is usually very low on the list), because people were (and some still are thanks to their lofty expectations for 1.3) also expecting animal behaviour that just hasn’t been witnessed in any game, ever. I mean, Trico/Last Guardian came very close but even then the scripting was obvious at times. It was the animation that truly brought Trico to life. Something you can’t really refine in a game lik NMS where the animations itself are being figured out in real time.