Procedural world generation in NMS

I’ve attached a YouTube link to last years GDC with HG lead programmer Innes McKendrick talking about the problems they faced using PG in NMS. Personally? I think this will give all players a better appreciation of PG and I think is one of the most interesting talks about the game I have heard…


Innes has done some pretty good talks on PG over the years throughout NMS’s development, always a joy to see them discuss their work so publicly and passionately. If I had the time I’d love to make a playlist of all the talks given by staff at conventions over the years or any and all discussion on development (e.g 65dos, paul and sean sitting in a room talking music etc)


Thanks for posting this video. That was so chock full of fascinating info. I can’t wait to share it with @Malveka, who creates some amazing procgen art himself.