Sean Murray Presenting at GDC and BEYOND


Sean Murray is one of the main stage speakers at GDC, San Francisco.


Small update coming soon, wonder if its related?

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The Twitter thing that said ‘Small’ - wasn’t that from last year?

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Yes but he retweeted it along with this

CobraTV podcasting now

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Sean retweeted it as a comment under it.


Damn it, for somebody that claims not to be good at marketing, he sure knows how to push everyone’s buttons! :tired_face:


Well I’m guessing that it’s Louise doing this. She used to be the producer for Fable.

She was able to steer Peter Molyneux (at least a little) and it would be safe to say she’s steering the ship.


Ha, I didn’t know she was on board. “out of the fire, into the frying pan” comes to mind… :smile:


Well she’s listed as secretary for hello games. She probably inspired the hush after the bad launch. Which in hindsight was a correct strategy.

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I can’t help but think that there may be a hint in Sean’s presentation about the general direction for this upcoming update. Obviously there won’t be direct previews, but I am sure we will find his thoughts interesting for things to come. :slight_smile:


Watch it as it happens


Hello strangers, hope everyone’s been swell, has last years gdc pres by Innes McCendrick been made publicly available yet?


I don’t think so. I think its an 8 month delay, but few videos of the 2018 conference are up.

Have you seen this one at the 2018 EPC?


Sadly enough, still only for those with a subscription, until they finally release it to the free section. The presentation slides are available though:


I just tuned in to this and literally caught the end of sean saying “thank you” * facepalm *

It will be available for VOD viewing after the stream is done :wink:


Good to know as I missed it as well…no excuses…well, yes there is. Tax Time!!! I hate taxes. So distressing.

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Before you guys get your expectations flared up, I watched the whole thing.

There was no Info reveal on any aspects of Beyond or on No Man’s Sky’s future development.

The talk was brilliant and was, as stated, on the grit of the team and the lessons they learnt post-launch. On how the team tackled the rants of the community and the press; and how he got into a Zen-like attitude in the whole Journey.

Also, Minor Spoiler Alert. There were Babies involved! :heart_eyes::rofl:


There never is any info revealed like this at GDC, it’s not that kind of thing. It’s for devleopers and usually discusses stuff beneficial to developers or stories from game development. The biggest reveals are usually an insight into new tech or engine developments.

(I should clarify that was aimed at nobody in particular but more my own additions to your boldened disclaimer and my own sincere shock that there might actually be people out there expecting Beyond news from GDC)

This is something I love way way more more more mority more so than e3 trailers and teasery teasings. GDC is my jam <3

Laralyn McWilliams had me near tears by the end. Incredible woman and so happy to hear she finally gets to work on something she wants to put out after two decades f being a commercial game designer.

Full video now available as stream has ended


Wow! That was inspiring! :clap::clap::clap: I think he got kinda emotional there a few times. Some good lessons learned. I now have a new appreciation for their silence and understand it a lot better.