NMS: BEYOND pre-release August 14

I wonder if the release of Beyond might be timed to ‘launch’ with the anniversary of arguably the greatest event in our recent scientific history, the Apollo Moon landing.

July 16th was the launch…
July 20th the actual Moon Landing. (which is Saturday week from today!)

Everyone would look back in the future and remember Beyond was released the same day as Man landed on the moon! That would be a cool link. What if we might even be able to land on our moon in the game…(I don’t think so but crossed fingers eh! one day lol


does this classify as hype?


I’m jumping aboard!
Maybe we will get an Apollo space suit covered in moon dust :sparkles:


Yes a little hype :slight_smile:

Actually I have been wondering a bit about the release date. I just don’t think Hello Games would release it on any ol’ day. But of course they could, but then it might be the anniversary of the original launch. Or maybe a new trailer or start of a short ARG will emerge during the publicity of the charity ‘Thankyou’ billboard their fans bought them.

The date will probably tie in with something, but what I wonder?

That would be fun, or a flag might be nice too. Or a footprint :slight_smile: A special edition Apollo 11 Eagle lunar landing module to fly or find on a barren planet for a milestone perhaps. Ah dreams eh…


Hmmm… it’s also a tuesday… :smile:


… 5 days … 4 days … etc


I bet second half of August.


I was just reminded of this, as I was writing a rather weird sentence into my own code documentation just now:

Note that the parent-child relation is backwards in time, i.e. children are actions that cause their parents.


I just opted out of experimental and got a steam client update and a 5.3 GB update for NMS
Just saying in case anyone does that


I think your NMS update is just the reversal to ‘public’ branch, as there has not been an update for like 2 months on ‘experimental’ and 7 months for default.

Steam did indeed update, which actually caused an issue with NMS for some users. This was a Steam issue and has supposedly been fixed already.


Yes. The public one is still running OpenGL. I stopped it and reverted back to experimental and vulcan.
I just can’t join any other games unless they too are in experimental…ok I am tired now, gotta eat some lunch…:crazy_face:


Amen! I forgot that when starting a new game in experimental and immediately saw another player in “my” system. Press Escape, shut that stuff down, exit, restart, be happy. LOL.

By the way, do you know what publication relayed that Sean said that players could keep current saves (thus no universe re-seed/reset) when BEYOND hits? I want to provide that to someone, but can’t seem to locate it now.


I remember that being stated, no more reset. Do not remember where it was though. Maybe someone here does just in case @Polyphemus does not reply. He is going through a health crisis at the moment. He needs positive thoughts and well wishing. :cry:


Oh no, wishing good health your way @Polyphemus.


add me to the goodwishes @Polyphemus health is so tricky. Take care.


Have missed your witty posts recently @Polyphemus. I think we all have. Hope things are improving for you. All the best Mr Atlas!


When do you guys expect news?


We don"t really know but, I heard that BEYOND received its rating which should mean it is complete. We also know it is supposed to be a summer release so it must be soon. :smiley:



Normally when a game has already been classified, depending on the modifications made, they would not have to submit again. Most modifications to a game are generally covered, although there are exceptions where they are required to re-submit for classification.

Considering the ‘new’ Australian classification listing (same file number, different classification number), being listed specifically as ‘No Man’s Sky Beyond’, I can only assume they submitted for classification again. This could have been done just to make sure, generally decided upon by the developers (HG) and/or publishers. In this case, Beyond is listed as ‘Multi Platform’ with the applicant being Sony Computer Entertainment.

Main question this leaves me, is whether they were required to submit a new application due to the modifications made, or if Sony just wanted to ensure all was fine. If you have a look at the ‘covered’ modifications, I don’t really see a reason to re-submit. This leaves me wondering if the changes made are actually a total game-changer (VR for example), or if this is moreso considered to be a ‘new’ title, possibly legally required due to sales of NMS Beyond, instead of downloadable update content only.

I honestly think, the latter has been the main reason for the new application. Sure enough we can expect the update to add a lot of new content, change the way we can play the game (VR), and includes improvements to multiplayer. It will however still be No Man’s Sky as we all know it, without any inherent change to it’s core essentials. Just another ‘modification’, expected to be a big one, but apparently marketed as a ‘separate’ title.

Hello Games (Australian Classification Database)

Application Process (Australian Classification)

Modified Computer Games - Legal Changes July 2015


At least ‘content complete’ and has been submitted to receive the rating. This doesn’t necessarily mean the update is finished and ready for release of course, but indeed, likely soon enough.


Isn’t NMS being re-released in Beyond; as in there is a new disk coming out, with the game in its new altered form?
This would probably require a new classification application simply due to the new disk content being nothing like what was on the original release disk.
That’s my guess anyway.