NMS Adrift - Secrets & Lore

There is that spooky and chilling music on the Nexus, not a bad idea!


I tried looking for that audio snippet when the update came out but, it’s not stored as a .wem nor added in the new files section. The only new audio file is a sandworm wail sound. Maybe the nexus sounds are proc gen, like on planet sounds?


Y’know-- when first seeing the numerical output from the terminal on the anomaly, my initial thought was that perhaps it could potentially be a memory address or pointer within the simulation?

I’m really uncertain about that though, as I’m not particularly well-versed in low-level computer science and feel like maybe there’s a good bit of context missing that may be needed to test this idea. I suppose for something like that we would want to know more about the underlying architecture of the Atlas itself? :thinking:

I may be completely barking up the wrong tree on this one, but still want to read-up a bit more (after more coffee). If nothing else, I’ll at least learn some fun things along the way! :slight_smile:


Ohh, Interesting…
So I was looking for new audio snippets here and didn’t find the anomaly chimes to be new assets, but I didn’t think to check older audio files.

All of the creepy anomaly chimes were added with Echoes it seems, and are used all throughout the Atlantid Monolith Interactions. I guess they never play out nearly as long as they do in the anomaly though, so we’d never notice. I uploaded all the one’s I could find which sound similar to the anomaly sounds here, although there doesn’t seem to be anything in the spectograms…

Whats interesting is, this audio is reused exclusively in reference to the Void Mother, so far; Not just in the Atlantid Monoliths, but also the They Who Returned Missions, as well as the Lost Freighter dialogue we get in the Omega Expedition from the Atlantid.


Nice find! Music is often a good way to understand a plot or storyline. I used this method to deduce a few things in the Star Wars movies.


I know that games like Undertale lean heavily on leitmotifs to draw connections between characters and situations, but I don’t think we’ve had something similiar for any NMS Character so far? But then again, the Void Mother is probably the most planned out character HG have written for No Man’s Sky, so it’s possible they could be using leitmotifs to cement her role?


I hope they are. There should be a different ambiance as we see Void Mother staging her return. Though I believe we will see a truce and a convergence of the 2, it is nice to feel this is all building towards a big showdown. I really enjoyed the affect of the new sounds in the expedition.
Did anyone else notice that the sandworms were causing the worm infestations? When the sandworm would dive into the ground near me, within a few seconds one of the infestations would appear nearby. It’s like the sandworm was laying eggs or spreading a fungus. Not sure which :sweat_smile:


Like how they use that one song so you know the movie is starting :wink:

Nice find on the new music cues being added with echoes @ThatBomberBoi , I do recall new music during those segments but I mostly recall a very distorted digital swell of sorts


885891700 was the one I was thinking of, the sound/texture also appears in other stings, in 907648891 it almost sounds like its knocking. This distorted brassy digital sound could represent the Void or the Autophage or both since they’re all one and the same.

In the music we hear on the Nexus during Adrift, the texture is used again, almost like its knocking into our reality. There are also textures used that sound more analogue than digital now; the screeching swells are closer to what you could achieve with a violin and some effects pedals. Or maybe a guitar and an e-bow? Like part of it is now in our reality and taking form.

In a game where most of the music is ambient with sparse melody (and the occasional sting when a milestone is crossed), introducing recurring themes, textures/voices and melodies as the Void draws nearer would be a great artistic choice. Lets hope that’s what they’re doing here :slight_smile:

Did not notice the sandworms were causing their arrival, there were just so many sandworms to keep track of ;-; I do recall a few times thinking I was certain there were no infestations on my viewfinder the last time I looked, but I was doing so much wurm wathcin I figured I just got turned around.


I thought I was going crazy when I saw a hive just spawn out from where a worm just struck. I didn’t know if it was a feature or not though, glad to see I wasn’t imagining things :sweat_smile:


That is how they worked in their debut expedition. We had to follow the worm to find the nests to satisfy the milestone. Following the worm is part of the text that still remains. It is useful in this expedition because the worm is so active, just stand around for a bit to collect a lot of nests near by, then you don’t have to go far to collect the skins and drops which are worth 50 nanites each. You can shoot a rocket from your ship and occasionally hit 10 at a time (careful, your rocket damages you as well when close). Watch out though, the worms can materialize around you. They showed up around my ship and when I entered it they hit me which rotated me to point toward the roof of the ship. It made first person flying … interesting. :slight_smile:


I’m severely doubtful of this guy’s solution… For one thing, he keeps bringing up “Doing this for the community” and “asking a favor” from a brother at some mysterious corp™, whenever someone asks how he did it…

Another sign of this being made up is the fact that he started playing the victim card when Ghost Light tried to ask about what method he used to get there. I tried explaining that no one’s doubting his intentions, and we’re all just very curious, but he just went off on a rant about “Toxic People” in the NMS Community and said he’d just stop posting, saying we’re attacking him :person_shrugging:


Lol!!! Well okay. :laughing: maybe I should delete it

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I have been referring to some of those sounds as the ‘Reaper Horns’. Been getting a familiar ME vibe from them. I recall first unlocking “They Who Returned” and started getting some of them whenever I reloaded in the space station right after. Turned out some bug apparently as others had not been able to repro at the time.

Either way, keep it coming HG, love me some lore and sure enjoying that wicked vibe!


Same here! This was the best exp start due to the feeling of being in imminent danger. Not a feeling I often get in NMS and very much needed.