NMS Adrift - Secrets & Lore

Starting this topic to discuss what “Hidden Lore” was added with Adrift, theories for what’s going on with this alternate universe, and trying to decipher this elusive code:


This is what Tim Woodley was referring to when he mentioned scanning at the Anomaly btw:


Twice I encountered the ghost frigate during my travels. Both times, after listening to the comm, it just vanished. Poof!
When I first started the exp, my ship kept vanishing. :ghost:
Oh and there was the empty map…

fun fact when looking at the frigates stats, the times damaged and the number of voyages beyond keeps changing

Going to start the Exp on PS5 and will be more in tune with this mystery…will report back.


Oh wow never thought to try scanning at the Nexus; man they really got the most out of those “NPC culling filters” :smiley:

I had the disappearing ship too at first @sheralmyst, definitely an unintended side effect of the npc thanos click filter. I’m still trying to settle on a name for what they did. I’ve never seen the avengers movies but I know enough to safely use the reference. I still think Thanos is a big dumbo for not taking the scale or nature of the universe into account and making a big deal out of a non issue but that’s just me.

Silliness aside, I think I’m going to refer to it as the “Static Filter” since everything is -kzzzkt- and when you see and hear your first Traveller at the grave, your iteration mentions them getting lost like eveyrthing else and becoming static.

There was a unique lore interaction at the traveller grave, I’m wondering were there others I might have missed? I know that could happen with previous expeditions, sometimes people got base game flavour text or the node would be inactive due to a lot of player activity/usage before reaching it.

I know when I visited the rendezvous point at the crashed freighter, I could not interact with the lore node, wondering did anyone else try it?

Will be going through it again on ps5 sometime in the next whenevers (Got super sucked into my Riften build in Valheim again) and keep a careful eye out for stuff now that I know when lore parts are incoming.

Did anyone bring a multitool over from their main save with an autophage scanner? It could be an empty universe but maybe the sneaky Autophage hung on? (I did have a sentinel ship approach me to begin its recovery questline during the expedition)

edit: You added the static traveller pic to your post while I was typing mine. Static Filter it is.


Ah, I got jumpscared by it since it seems to keep spawning randomly when you drop out of pulse. :sweat_smile:
I think there’s a total of 3 different encounters you can have with it. At least, I couldn’t get it to spawn after the fact. I do hope this isn’t all the Hidden Lore HG mentioned, since it just drops on you randomly. Less hidden, more “if you’re lucky” imo…


I can confirm, I got 3 seemingly random encounters with the ghost frigate before I finished the expedition. My 3rd encounter was right after i finished all the milestones and just before I reached the anomaly to end the expedition. Not sure if its random chance or if it was scripted in.


Will watch for the ghost ship on my PS5 play through.
Scanning on the Anomaly is so fun! I caught one guy running towards the simulator room. He vanished just as he reached the door. :ghost:


I’m starting to lose sleep over this code lol. Nothing I’ve tried works. No standard or unorthodox cryptography technique, cipher or conversion… I really hope HG haven’t sent us on a wild goose chase with this one. Does anyone else have any ideas?


No ideas but many words throughout this exp are either red or purple so the Atlas/Void Mother issue is still in play
So I agree with ghost light, what we extracted with the Mind Arc is related to Void Mother because 16 is in purple.

And it does seem we may have brought something back with us…this fits with lore. It fits with boundary failures…


I saw a staff in the anomaly. It moved around like it was being held by a player, but the player was invisible. Only this weird disembodied staff moving around.


So I am going with this

That leads us to the portal which takes us into space with an Atlas interface outside of our reach.

And so the numbers are simply that.
However, that still leaves us with the hidden lore mystery…
Still working on my PS5 play thru


Did anyone visit the Atlas station in the second system? There was some unique dialogue there too if I recall. Something along the lines of you and the orb being the only things left in the universe.

My mind is now thinking along the lines of mac address coordinates like the original arg. Could the numbers be run through several decoders until its mac address convertable?

Typing the numbers out for future ease of copy paste :wink:


Theres a lot of 1’s and 0’s in there… Maybe the other numbers are corrupted data and we should be focusing on binary?


Brought up no result in binary translator, removing all the zeroes at the end but 1 caused the translator to do this —> “�” which I think might be just a coincidence? Putting the whole thing achieved no result so getting a question mark feels like something happened. But it could just be something the browser translator does?

Tried a different binary convertor, for the string with all the zeros at the end it gave me “wùà”

Yeah I think i’ve gone down the wrong well here.

A version minus the 0’s and 1’s maybe?


Starting to panic a little that maybe I didn’t type the initial number string in correctly and all my removals have been futile XD I’m afraid to check


Okay sheral what you said has me even more convinced now we can convert this into a mac or portal address and that even though telamon brought us to the portal the coordinates linked to, it could also be a hint as to what we should be trying to achieve with this.

Or maybe its just a beautiful nod to the community activity during the arg? <3

(sharing my space walk too, one of the only screens i took even though MSwindows overlay screenshot with HDR on PC come out looking gross)

more edit:

Another thing I’m thinking about, a lot of the games mechanics are hidden or changed during the expedition. What happens if you start building a base and you get to a point you need to recruit overseers etc? Abandoned outposts could have a new dialogue box to reflect the nature of the universe too…

Basically what I’m getting at is there are a lot of things we could bang our head against that might have a nice change to em.

Most edit:

Watching that Hidden Lore stream now by GhostLight, I see now he is doing exactly this :slight_smile: <3

Freaked out Edit:

Theres a model of Artemis in the sim terminal? Just chillin? This was something I never knew about ;0; You can see them if you go into camera mode and phase through ;-;


I cant help but feel theres some sort of important message in this expeditions reintroduction of unique elements from previous expeditions; qualia, somnal and cursed dust etc. Qualia and Somnal given as milestone rewards with seemingly no purpose, i gathered a bunch of cursed dust on the first planet thinking it might be needed for later.

It might be just to hammer home how dead this universe is, these resources that were important to Polos research are suddenly back but even more useless than they were in the past because there isn’t even a purpose for their appearance. Just close your eyes and dream of sleep, be grand :wink:

Or its a nod that leviathin and emergence expeditions are connected and we are heading towards some sort of wrapup with the worm cult, the nature of the loop and the abyss?

Perhaps the worm cult are the cause of Adrifts desolation? I mean, they ARE feckin everywhere and the rendezvous points certainly hammer this home. Got more worms than a stray cat.

edit: Still watching ghosts stream, just wanted to add, My personal opinion on what was in the terminal, from a lore perspective, was just more fragments of the voidmother, more of her data working its way back to itself across all iterations. Stuff that didnt get purged into the world of glass/marked for deletion archive.



I tried converting the final code, since the text says that’s the bit our suit interprets as text, into hex and got this: 0000A722E43E1300. I used the wiki entry on Universal Addresses to interpret this as 00A7E43E1300 in the 22nd Galaxy. I warped myself there via save edit and was pleasantly surprised that the system was valid, but undiscovered. The system was also valid in Euclid.

Another weird thing that happened was, when I portalled into the address, or even just loaded up, despite my save saying I’m in 00A7E43E1300 in Galaxy 22, the game kept sending discovery data requests with a Universal Address indicating I’m in 00A7E43E1300 in galaxy 15. I tried to send a request to the discovery servers myself with the corrected UA too in case it was discovered and I wasn’t getting the right data back, but no that system seems undiscovered, or at least not uploaded as of yet.

EDIT: Converting the UA to a portal code and using that to generate a MAC Address gives 0AFF:0063:0BE0:00A7, which translates from hex into decimal again as 792352484841488551. Not sure if this is the right track but, it’s a lil rabbit that doesn’t seem to stop yet.


I have kept every oddball item I could and have them safely in storage…just in case.


Pretty sure this is just a cheeky lil easter egg from HG, but the Frigate Of The Damned has a seed value of 666!


That’s the kind of stuff that lets you know, they expect us to poke around in the files. Gotta love HG. :laughing: :imp:


Mama was right, Videogames is the DEVIL!! ;0;



I know this was originally supposed to be a beautiful and poignant “ending” for the game when added, a mysterious but comforting end. That the Atlas is not alone in that final moment, even if it can’t see past it and see wether it truly is its death, it finds a peace knowing it won’t be alone.

Obviously so much has been added and changed since that it’s no longer really the games “ending”

But I bring it up again because re-reading the passage after expedition 13, I can’t help but be reminded of us approaching Polos terminal in a universe devoid of life, a universe on the verge of death.

*One minute left*

And as it watches the moments leading up to its own death, towards completion of sixteen, something happens.

Someone walks towards the ATLAS, a figure in the darkness and in the light. It places its hand against the glass of the ATLAS, and the vision ends.

The ATLAS attempts to see past this moment, but it cannot. It cannot see its own death. It cannot determine who this figure is.

But whatever happens... whatever may occur beyond the sixteen... something will arrive. Something will be there beside it.

At the end of all things, it will no longer be alone.

Was this iteration also another attempt at the Atlas trying to see past it’s predicted fate? A fantasy it dreamt up? Theres certainly parallels there.

Then theres all that talk about dreaming of sleep, drifting into the void and losing yourself to the infinite blackness… Like a vision quest.

Are we the atlas trying to experience a vision quest in Expedition 13? Another hard attempt to see around its demise? Only in doing so it has also allowed more of the Void to be brought back through the boundaries?

edit: I played too much alan wake lately and I was kind of imagining the atlas ran on Wake rules here hahaha, that it couldnt directly tell its story but if it put the right pieces in the right places it might weave itself into a solution XD Hey, whose to say the atlas doesnt run on Wake rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The posters are still blurry but I gave translating them from the build menu thumbnail a try.

Alone in the Dark poster says “Off The Beaten Track.”
Meditation Poster says “Alone”
Isolation poster is still too undecipherable for my eyes at 1080.

| Hello
| Is anybody there
| Can you hear me
Am I alone |