NEXT Drop Time


When exactly will steam drop the update? Is it midnight? And what time zone?


Am sitting eagerly in the ‘midnight camp’ with you but it looks likely to be around 2-4pmGMT tomorrow.


The update releases at 6am pacific, 9am eastern, and 2pm uk time.


For steam as well,

I mean I haven’t even been able to download the patch yet.



No idea…Steam just kind of do whatever the hell they feel like and they have been late in the past. What we know for a fact in terms of confirmed times is Xbox unlocks digital preorders at 6am pacific/9am eastern/2pm uk time, and PSN has a two week long in game event scheduled to start two hours after that…which presumably they’ll give people a couple hours to download and install the update before the event begins.


This is good - right?



I actually check that page every day in hopes that a beta will show up that I can provide feed back on.





My PS4 update is scheduled for 11 am Eastern (3 hours from now).

And @Oshoryu, are there seriously no patch notes? That seems strangely deliberate (doubt its an oversight.)


Not yet, there’s been some activity on the website so the general consensus is that they’re “on the way”


In all honesty, I wouldn’t even know how to present patch notes for such a large update. You have to do it somehow, but you also have to filter a lot…

Steam keeps its server s from melting down by distributing peaks. In explicit, this usually means that the server only tells a certain number of clients that an update is available depending on the load. At least that’s how I would do it.

For that matter, there has been not a single word about NEXT on GoG. We assume we have the same schedule as everyone else, but nobody mentioned GoG ever in the whole process. It wasn’t even on the first NEXT teaser.


I just want to know how big the update is going to be only have ten gigs of mobile hotspot :laughing: stupid internet company


That’s the in-game live event that will last two weeks…not the actual update itself. We only know the update can’t release any later than that time on PS4 but we should be given an hour or two before the event to download and install the update.


It would be awesome in the NMS website had a 16 minute countdown timer before NEXT dropped. You know, for the end of the universe.


I agree but they likely wouldn’t do it because they have five different platforms to worry about and they won’t all be on point…Steam and GOG are notoriously bad when it comes to making people wait all day for patches.


I have to go in to work basically the minute the update drops and it is killing me. I wish I had the day off! I am so excited for this help me.


Only to have it die when the countdown is over? :smile:


I will call your boss and say there is a family emergency and get you out :laughing: this is the only reason im glad i work overnights


I hope it doesn’t delay to upload for 2 weeks from now. I took vacation time for this. I may have to give it back…that’s disappointing.