Music Tastes among ETARCers?

Well, this is a very popular song, but not sung in this instance


I remember seeing this! Amazing piece of work.


Congrats @zsigmond! You discovered the 3rd element in BEYOND. Country Line Dancing! Yee Haw! :smile:


I love that someone took the time to visualize the story. Its in comic book style with lyrics and its just great.


People still post in this thread!

Well anyway, since I last visited ETARC, I discovered JoJo, and it set my music tastes back a couple decades.

This album is pretty fantastic, but you probably already knew that:

By the way, I still can’t get over how much I love this song after discovering it like six months ago:


You, my friend, have just opened a very, very large can of worms. 行くぞ!

X Japan is bigger than Elvis in Japan, they’re a major factor into the VK (Visual Kei) scene in Japan, and influenced so many groups on into the 90’s, it’s insane, following the group lesser-known group Dead End in the VK ways. Their guitars are headed by ‘hide’ and ‘Pata’. The drummer is Yoshiki, the Bassist is Taiji (Up to 1992, then replaced by Heath). You’ll hear so often in their pieces playing their amazing harmonic guitars meshing together in the solos (Examples will be linked below). The version of Kurenai you link is from Vanishing Vision, their debut album from 1988. I’d suggest listening also to the version of Kurenai from 1989, from their second album, Blue Blood, as the solo is changed, the vocals are adapted to a lower one in one pattern, and it begins with strings instead of just guitar. Their guitarist (hide) went onto a solo career that dominated Japan in the 90’s, up to his death, and even now still has a scene there. Had he not died, you’d know of him already, as he was coming for the western world.

For songs by X Japan, here’s the order, in YT videos:

X Japan - Silent Jealousy - [1991] Jealousy (The hide/Pata duo is plainly heard in the solo.)

X Japan - Weekend (Single recording) (I apologize for the lower quality audio, but you can’t find it higher outside of ripping it off the CD.)

X Japan - Endless Rain - [1989] Blue Blood (One of their rock ballads. It’s quite beautiful, give it a listen when you’re relaxed.)

X Japan - X - [1989] Blue Blood (Band Anthem. Great way to finish this.)

And one last one, before I flood this tab more than I already have… An extra, from hide’s solo career!
hide - Pink Spider - [1998] Ja, Zoo (Don’t worry, there’s no drinking involved with this song. And, despite what you’ll find online, there’s no cursing in this song, in English or Japanese. That’s just poor translation.)

(Take note that ‘hide’ is not uppercase. That is intentional, and how hide wanted it.)

No, AI only allowed, friends of EMILY!

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Don’t forget Rusty Nail, which got its very own music video made in collaboration with CLAMP. Though we all already knew, this video proved that Yoshiki is actually God himself:

Also I’ve listened to the Blue Blood version before (the whole album, actually), and I honestly had no idea there was a difference


This reminds me of one of my favorite games on Sega CD. Lunar Silver Star. The Sega CD release had this song for the intro…


This bass line runs so smooth its addicting.


1/10 not nearly enough noodle…