Music Tastes among ETARCers?


Aside from 65dos, of course. 65dos is the best.

I like listening to Dropkick Murphys, because my friend got me into it. Then he got me into Sabaton. I think he is currently trying to get me into some Canadian Irish folk or punk band.

That’s it for wordy music, aside from Cruachan (Irish metal), Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Christmas), and whatever I feel like listening to at the moment (I don’t just like punk, rock, and metal). I can’t work with wordy music on, so I also like listening to game soundtracks. Among my favorites are Journey (the Grammy nomination was well deserved), Skyrim, Europa Universalis 4, No Man’s Sky (duh), and whichever Assassin’s Creed Soundtrack was made by the guy who made the Journey soundtrack (Syndicate, maybe?). I’m probably forgetting one, but whatever.

This turned out to be a whole lot longer than I thought it would be

Loop - 16 Dreams

Besides 65dos, I really like the Imagine Dragons (the older music over the new stuff), the Strumbellas, and basically everything thing else (minus pop and rap, to repetitive and intellectualy difficient, no offence to anyone who likes those genres.)


Let’s see, I was searching ITunes and found the group This Will Destroy You, I like some of their music as will as Coolverine by Mogwai. I also like the artist Kygo. In general, everything but rap.


I grew up listening to whatever happened to be on the radio, so I don’t really have strong opinions of pop and rap. What I really don’t like is black metal (too yelly) and Christian pop/rock (it all sounds the same)


I was exposed to music as a kid that most people these days have never listened to. My mom listened to things like the Ray Conniff singers, Duane Eddy, the biggest twang of them all. I have a huge LP collection I inherited from my grandfather. Then I started listening to the radio in about the 5th grade and fell in love with Billy Joel. I was in Madrigals in school and so bottom line, I like almost all kinds of music. I love Mozart, Beethoven and Hayden but I also love electronic music. Therefore, I can’t really say what I like the most. I just love music!


I like music from what I call the “Classical-Pop Movement” from such artists as Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys.


For me it is easier to say what I’m not listening: rap, r&b and folk.
Otherwise I have great variety of choice in my purchased music library - from Classics or classical-pop to death metal and a lot of electronic and pop in between. :slight_smile:
Favorite ones: ludovico einaudi, the piano guys, two steps from hell, joe cocker, adam young, joe hisaishi, 65dos, overwerk, bassnectar, nickelback, nightwish.




I have everything in my collection.
Depends on my mood.
Working in the shed might see some heavy rock cranking like The Angels or Nickleback but inside quietly writing would be more some female vocal symph-metal, like Within Temptation or Evanesence.
Outside gardening might see some hour long trance pumping away, yet on a rainy day I might just play some classical or old harmless heavy stuff like Iron Maiden…
A lot of my friends always have the blues playing and I don’t really mind that either for when I’m actually out and being social.
Not much into rap or death metal. I like music with a a mood to them with a good solid beat to bob my head to while I’m occupied.


Mad-Hatter. Nice music The Angels no many listen to them. Classic Aussie rock.

Mine is very varied, depending on mood and if others are in the house, then it’s me who has to listen to others choices.

Going with the spacey theme you know there is a radio station broadcasting from the ISS, called Third Rock Radio, they play a variety of things.

No Bieber in my world either.


I enjoy: classical (orchestral and movie scores), classic rock (70s-90s), heavy metal, death metal, blues, classical guitar, 80s pop and rap (nostalgia), and just about anything live and played well.


My Deezer Profile

That’ll be me then - Everything from Abba to ZZ Top and most things in between :wink:

but mostly underground / rock / metal / industrial / electronic and a few other genres thrown in… Pirate Metal… AWESOME!

oh yeah, no beiber.


This questions impossible to answer… I gotta go catch a bus but I’ll do my best to project my tastes onto these forums soon (there was a thread similar to this on ETARC after phase one of arg ended and we were waiting for phase 2)

In the meantime, I make really crappy recordings with my phone and then try and layer them into somethign cohesive, with some synth throw in as a good adhesive. I think some of my inspirations show through on some of it, I even wrote one for the lovely folk of ETARC after all the ships and giggles of post phase one ETARC madness.


Honestly better than 90% of the music nowadays. Bravo!


Pfiiu I listen to a lot of music!!

No Man’s Sky goes along with a lot of music… Tame Impala is the band I listen atm!
I am also currently playing “Cuphead” aside of No Man’s Sky right now which is a very good hell of a game and all the music that it contains really makes m smile and shake my skinny booty!

Enjoy and take care my fellow great citizens!!



My taste in music is very broad, depending on mood, ranging from Classical to Screamo if need be. Too much to list, so I won’t. I will however share the following two tracks, as it fits my current mood with thoughts of Loop16 gone and NEXT to come.


Metal all the way here. Been listening to scifi-themed prog and melodic death for some while now. As such, Arien Anthony Lucasen is probably my most listened to musician of the last two years. His headline project Ayreon has a lineup of concept albums, most of them connected on a complex timeline, dealing with various sci-fi concepts.
There’s even a song that I found very fitting, thematically as well as atmospherically, for No Mans Sky (though that particular one isn’t very metal):

It’s about the last human being alive, expecting his death on Mars after the earthlings blew themselves up. So he enters a computer simulation that takes him back through history and finally through the entire universe back to the big bang over the duration of a full double album, where he touches the “universal migrator”, the original soul that became the ancestor of all conciousness in the universe.

Lucasen also has a side project called Star One, which released two albums containing songs inspired by various science fiction films and tv shows. Here’s his homage to the short lived, butt none the less immortal, Firefly:

Imho one of his best, the inspiration of which shouldn’t require an introduction:

On the more extreme side there’s darkest horizon, who released three albums dealing heavily with lovecraftian themes. Somebody made a nice mash-up with one of their songs over Mass Effect 3 footage, with the only ending I will ever accept as cannon: The worst.

Besides that there’s Mechina, Lunar Sea, I spit Ashes, and probably quite a few I forgot.

Oh, and Lascailles Shroud is worth a listen, thhough the only place where I seem to be able to find their album is bloody youtube (in case the name bashes some bell on the back of your skull but you can’t quite remember what it is: It’s from the revelation space series by Reynolds):


I’m mostly into classic rock from the 50s-80s, 80’s synth-heavy new wave, 20s-50’s jazz, and Bollywood/filmi music.

Some of my favorites include Johnny Cash, Devo, Leonard Cohen, Depeche Mode, T. Rex, The Beatles, Asha Bhosle, Shreya Ghosal, Thomas Dolby, Gary Numan, The Coasters, The Platters, the Ink Spots, Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, David Bowie, INXS, Sam Cooke, Jim Croce, Oingo Boingo, Rush, and Daft Punk.


I like pretty much any genre including classical, metal, electronic, hip hop :slight_smile: I’m not big into most top-40 songs unless it’s something to dance to.

Some examples of things I like:


Got tickets to see these guys next month. :grinning: