Music Tastes among ETARCers?


#22 one of my favorite bands daft punk and there album they turned into a movie no words just the songs that portray what is going on



YES! :smile: very good choice. Instantly got this stuck in my head now, thank you :slight_smile:


A young french girl you probably don’t know (or you know her music without knowing who made it :wink: )


Yeah nice track - Music video shot in my home country South Africa.

The song apparently is a tribute to Miriam Makeba - famous jazz singer from South Africa from the 70’s onwards


I have too many - I love music - but here are some all time top of list for me, mainly for nostalgic reasons and the band/s I played in “back in my day”

Throwing Muses, Belly, Buffalo Tom, The Breeders, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins [4AD label in general in the 80s]

Then electronic - Plastikman, FUSE, Underword, Orb, Orbital, anything on WARP label in the 90s.

And of course my own muzak as Kliktrak:


Did I dream…you dreamed about me…


I also love music that carries the vibes of the ancient past like this one

and this was one of my faves back in the day



For when we see the altocumulus in NEXT


Ok, one more on my huuuge list



Think it’s only fair I share one of my favourite live performances by Terri Genderbender from Le Butcherettes. Such an unassuming person with incredible force and power behind her voice and delivery.


I dedicate this one to all the NMS naysayers…the joy of repitition really is on you :nerd_face:


Anyone knows The Idles? (Bristol)
Concert in 2 months! Can’t wait!


Oh, Elizabeth…

I used to dream she was singing this in the shower and I was in the next room…listening and weeping.

Born in the 60’s, matured in the 80’s but living in the modern world, regardless, music is life to me. Growing up I was always envious of the 'Brits, so much good music, so many concerts. I had to drive a few hours to San Francisco if I wanted to see my musical heroes, heck still do! Last four concerts: Pixies, Breeders, Gary Numan and King Crimson.


Oh my taste in music is WEIRD. I like everything except for country and rap.
My top favorites are:
-AJR (my favorite overall)
-Elton John
And lastly, mostly as a joke, Russian Hardbass. Don’t ask.


This one is one of my all time favorite songs right now


My band

I like Joy Division, New Order, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Blonde Redhead, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Pixies, Beach House, Animal Collective…

I also like 90s rap and 80s synthpop.

The real Kosmos is an ageing hipster.