Music Tastes among ETARCers?


I wish Ian Curtis would have never kill himself new order is good but i liked him so much better as lead vocals


I usually skip all high hop and other mainstream garbage when some one plays it on mic, I will just leave their game.

Usually listen experimental metal or psytrance or synthwave all of them with no vocals.
Also chill out electronica and classic music tarkovski etc.
I enjoy the purity of the space chaotic or tranquil so this music kinda matches it.


A quality track from an excellent album. One of my favourite tracks from said album. Put on some NMS, turn this up and enjoy x


I like a lot, from ACDC to this, Zapp and Roger



Okay, so I would not listen to this all the time but, this is so geekin’ genius. :sunglasses:


Pretty much all Fall Out Boy, jazz, and dubstep.


Looks like that gear literally had to go through fire and flames to record this. Can’t get much more metal than that! :smile:


This song was in one of the latest Destiny 2 trailers, and it’s been stuck in my head since


One of my favourite shows, Adventure Time, had its finale last night and contained this beautiful song. It’s called “Time Adventure” and for those who have yet to watch, der be Spoilers.

Also recently stumbled upon this band here and my glob, I am quitting music forever :joy:

Edit : here’s a spoiler free version of the adventure time finale song, pergormed live at Comicon. Watch purely for John dimaggios reaction :confounded:


Wait, hold that door open please, I’m coming too. :open_mouth:


Yep. I’m out of here too.


Good Morning Fellow Etarcians! Back into the Game!


Here’s that band AJR I was talking about. They’re an indie band (they’re actually all brothers) who records in their apartment.


You’re going to hate me, I post so much of Neil Hannons work here (there’s a connection there between ToddUmptious name origin and him if anyone can figure it out) but any time I find myself down the local, and I see everyone staring into phones and not talking around tables, I like to sing this in my head.

We had a comrade, a brave comrade
He could talk for whole days
But then he tried to be a hero
Tried talking 'bout Joan Miro
to commuters
wearing earphones (oh…)
He almost died for conversation


A good Week-end to you fellow Etarcians!


Alex H, Shingo Nakamura, Mossy, Deadmau5, Sima Deep, Deep Dark Progressive.

Alex H is my forever until I die number one music.


I like Alternative rock (punk/pop rock) Like Green Day, Weezer, Sum 41, All American Rejects, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Lit, etc.


How can I not post the Genius of them all (sorry, the 2 geniuses of them all.)

Freddy Mercury / David Bowie - Under Pressure.

Always gives me shivers. Man… I know everyone knows this title, but wow.

Unforgettable, just unforgettable.


First time seeing this one, heard it many times. This was my wake up this morning.