Music Tastes among ETARCers?


So prepare for a very good day! :grinning:


Not usually into this music, but I love her voice


Old school becomes new.


So I stumbled over Gloryhammer a few days ago… It’s a parody band on the power metal genre, which in its modern state essentially is already a parody of its bygone youth.
The result is so epically, hillariously nonsensical that you could think the lyrics were procedurally generated :smile:


This instantly reminded me of an old ‘classic’ video game.
That soon changed though… lol

ZANAC (MSX 1986)



So much music, so many artists.



My favorite by The Killers - Mr. Brightside


I was finally able to post a pic to the Sentinel Surfing thread and it reminded me of one of my favorite albums from back when…


Posting this because it’s a damn good song… couldn’t get into the game tho haha


Here is a unique instrument. HURDY-GURDY


Sounds like bagpipes, violin, sitar all in one.:smiley:


Here everyone is, uploading newer stuff, and here I am…


Although I have a great variety of musical genres in my playlists, I usually gravitate towards Rock sub-genres, and Metal sub-genres.

Introduced to this music when I was a kid thanks to Linkin Park (of course it was an AMV of Dragon Ball Z), recently I got into Sabaton and Powerwolf, and I’m getting into Among Amarth.


Powerwolf is really good, one of those rare bands where you can listen to an album beginning to end. Do you listen to Alestorm or Bloodbound?


I don’t but I’m willing to try


Consider me a young normie or whatever, but I really love Twenty One Pilot’s latest album. I find the story behind it awesome and each song is really different from each other

I think my 3 favorites are Leave the City, Neon Gravestones, and Legend


Hey, everyone’s taste is sacred, you like what you like u.u


Thanks for the advice