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No Man’s Sky Photographers!

Our journey continues with yet another sci-fi…

Guy asks for a ℞.—Doc says: “Dude, it ain’t writer’s block; It’s traveller's overwhelm!”

Diagnosis reads: “Gameplay, paintings, poems, music, spoilers, majestically bazaar, simplistic, probabilistic, soothing/sublime, adorably monstrous, dangerously cute, joint exploration, solo contemplation, popular, should be popular, probably a good reason not to be popular, that time when the game glitched and ProcGen melted before you as you watched your 16 cohorts be catapulted into dual singularity, Mother Atlas and her Sentinel Minions, ok I made all that up myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, just simple stuff and whatever…”—Dr Crim CSD | ℞ reads: “Creative Sub-Category

Purge thy Sanity!

May the force be with thy trigger finger :selfie:




The signal to begin the new Echoes questline sent me to a planet called Olandyes, and so I did yes.

Had to tunnel in to the location given by my new little hacker friend. Odignow?




These autophages are after my heart, they like to build where I like to build <3 I wonder if they like the same bands as me

Finally built my not-lightsaber

Looking forward to making a fancier one :smiley:


I first read that as “they are trying to rip my heart out”… :laughing:


I feel like I am part of a clan now. I have found home. And it speaks volumns. For all my time in NMS, I was always ‘the Traveller’, the outsider, the one with no place to really belong. But now… :houses: :two_hearts:


Oh speaking of, did you identify yourself as a traveler or an anomaly to your new family? I picked traveller and they mentioned they were aware of them, they had heard of them. I wanted to pick Anomaly but I didn’t wanna freak em out. Don’t suppose anyone knows if there’s different dialogue if you choose anomaly? Think the third option was “I’m not sure”.


I also chose Traveller. I will try Anomaly on PS5

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I just took that trip through the first Portal and really liking how varied our choices are for new story dialogue but it’s killing me not knowing whats on the other side of those choices.

Trip back had some nice ETARC colours for me

I showed Atlas the atlantideum, then pushed it closer, questioned it, said it was a sign of hope, then comforted it. This feels like a proper sequel to Atlas Rises story update <3

Feel like my parents just walked in on me doing something I shouldn’t be doing.


The Reflection of Sheral Myst

Standing around the fire with my clan.

Setting up for a trench run


This gun? Oh that’s just decorative, it works as a nice iPad holder. Oh you mean the one on my shoulder? Yeah that will dissolve your molecules. You don’t wanna stand near that thing lemme tell ya… It also doubles as a shoulder mounted boombox, I DJ birthday parties and GRAHmitzvahs

Having met an actual SynthetiGek and them looking identical to a gek, being the point, I see this as more of a nod to their existence than what an actual syntheti-gek looks like. I dont think i’ve seen it spelled as Synthetic Gek before either so this might be just a little nod from the Autophage of the hijinx they used to get up to back on Korvax Prime during their war with the Gek.

“Hey guys, remember when we used to do this? Hey, hey, who am i… I like money, money money money! Eh? Eh?”


So the uh, Singularity Expedition heads have some interesting variations on the Autophage garb…

I love Lamp <3 (or is it a fancy table cloth?)


Roomba OverLord-Rise of the Domesticated Robot


Been doing some lore keeping and gun shopping the last few days, turns out I didn’t get the first Atlantid rifle during Autophage story because I didnt check the corrupted terminal after adding the Atlantideum and doing the Monolith.

I know they just gave us some, but I’d really love some more multi tool slots for more multi-tools @_@

I was very happy the planets mood reflected the colour of each Atlantid Tools energy colour for these two <3

For the latter, they even sent me targets to test it out with

An older photo from when I had just built my staff. That’s next on the list, build a better staff. Have a few bits now, just hard to settle on a combo… Which brings me back to my previous point… My frigate fleet for an extra multitool slot.

edit: I can’t help but see Halo in these guns. Barrell for the second one reminds me of pillar of autumn, first gun kind of reminds me of Battle Rifle and they all have that Halo 4 Forerunner weapon vibe. The first of the worst Halo’s, but can’t argue those guns/enemies looked and animated great. I miss Bungie :frowning:


Just hide your face little guy. They will never see us. Stupid sentinels.

They never moved. I guess they have seen worse.


What on earth is that? (lower picture)