Music Tastes among ETARCers?


I don’t listen to a lot of Hip Hop, but I recently discovered the “No Beat” style, and this is quiet a good example! Enjoy travellers!


And Now for Something Completely Different…

I particularly like the below version of ‘Neptune, the Mystic’ by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London, 1986. Fits the ‘ocean’ theme we have going with The Abyss, even though this is about ‘planets’ of course…


This has been one of my favorites for a long time. It fits so well with the whole Jules Verne and Sigmund Freud ideas of the time. Have never heard this particular one conducted by the composer himself. Good find!


It’s a relatively common folk instrument in western europe. Can’t really play any celtic folk (or folk metal for that matter) without it:

Watch from 1:35 for the interesting parts.


hmm… that might be a little loudy for whoever couldn’t sleep last night, so carefull! . Ok it is punk music, but these guys are doing it well. They exploded with they’re first album called “Brutality”.
There’s a lot to say about they’re last album “Joy as an act of Resistance”. Really nice vibes. Sometimes noisy, but these guys are doing it well! D-Day-5:relieved:

IDLES-live sessions EXETER and Ashley Khoo


Swing your mic around on the cable -> Get murdered by a stage technician in a dark alley later on :smile:



I would highly recommend listening to this album from start to finish. Always feels like this music is seeping through a fissure in time when I listen.

Kadhja Bonet is an Incredible Auteur and there’s something otherworldly and not of this earth about her music.


A little Norwegian jazz for you,


This is a wonderful invention… Especially the modem addition, heh.


I sure love the creativity!

I have been following Wintergatan for a while now, currently working on the Marble Machine X. Really enjoy seeing the creative work put into making instruments of any kind. Not to mention the resulting music of course :wink:


That was beautiful. Did I spy a bunch of lego technic in there?!


Ahhhhh…the theramin. So haunting.


Jesus people still post on this thread. I still get emails.


I think you can turn the emails off in your profile settings. But, yes. We are still here! :smile:


This is such an old song, it obviously has nothing to do with Waking Titan. I thought you guys might get a kick out of it though.


Currently enjoying the soundtrack from Bard’s Tale IV…a kickstarter-funded game which I donated $$ to help get it done. Part of the perks was the soundtrack. The music is done mostly in Scottish Gaelic, which I do not understand. But to me, language by itself is lyrical-music anyway, especially languages which I don’t understand. The music is haunting and beautiful.

I often listen to music as I am writing up Bug Reports. Currently helping an Alpha testing stage on a project (can’t say which) and almost to 400 bugs found. Music whilst cobbling reports together helps make it an enjoyable task! -)



hey @DevilinPixy !!
I know this guy since a couple of years! This is what I call SKILLS! Do you know this one?

Absolutely awesome!!

@toddumptious, yes indeed mister, Lego tech. in this one too!


Might have to check that soundtrack out, Scottish gaelic is very similar to our own form of Gaeilge (if I’m remembering right, Scottish gaels roots are in middle Irish) and it seems to have adopted a lot of aspects of Welsh, French and norse , so I can probably understand some of it :sweat_smile:

I think Irish gaeilge came to Scotland in 400ad and had become its own distinct language by 800ad though still has many similarities. I’m not sure of its history after the Anglo/saxon/norman/Briton hoorah of the middle ages, I just know my own languages history but its something I may have to look in to now :slight_smile:

Also word of warning, never ever refer to it as Gaelic to a native or second language speaker, its Gaeilge (or Gàidhlig in Scottish Gaelic, their Fadas also go the opposite way to ours) and they’ll make you rue the day you ever called it that by breaking out their portable slideshow and giving you a lecture on the history and evolution of language :joy:

Totally with you on language being musical, especially when you don’t understand it. I know it’s ignorant but I go out of my way not to learn what’s been said in the songs in languages I don’t understand. I’m afraid I’ll discover the song writers lyrics are very bad XD

One of my favourite artists (I say artist when someone actually writes and has creative control over their music) mostly writes in French, and she’s returned after a very lengthy family raising hiatus :heart_eyes:


Who says disco is dead?