Music Tastes among ETARCers?


One of my favorites. It was very significant for the time.


Here are some silly songs:

Just listen to the many songs on this website…my Favorite 2 are “Pepsi is for Swingers” and “When A Man Loves A Chicken”

Here is a remake of a song which I like the original but this guy added some video arcade sounds to it. Unfortunately, it is very much over-driven and distorted.



Suddenly I find myself listening to abba songs covered in hindi and I am so confused… I need context @Dolnor and I can’t find it anywhere on that website! :sweat_smile:


Heres a song from one of our better local independant artists who really should be showered with world renown. If you ever find yourself in Ireland you should check to see if she’s playing any of the pubs or bars that week :wink:

This is a spoken word piece about, what on the surface appears to be, a tale of a lost dead soul and their newfound objectum sexualis.

Oh, I loved her then/I love her still/
I will love her Yesterday as I did Tomorrow and the day after the week before

Her album is freely available in the usual places (spotify etc etc) and it covers themes of emigration, separation, depression, death and a littany of mental health issues (she studied and worked in psychology/as a psychologist)

This last one breaks me every time I hear it so press play if you’re made of metal or are actually looking for a good cry. I still can’t tell if it’s about a relationship ended by distance due to emigration or if by death.

Happy New Year, babe/
There’s days I still wake and assume/
You’re just in the Bathroom/
And it’s Calm/
And It’s fine.


I will follow that up with another tear-jerker. In my wildest dreams, I can sing like Annie Lennox.


You guys and gals made me nostalgic for Blind Guardian.


I love their songs about the Wheel of Times books


I hadn’t even noticed they had several… only the obvious one. But then again, I only ever read the first book. Considering that Blind Guardian are not too on the nose with their references, I guess I would have no way of knowing.

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The second one is Ride into Obsession
The obvious one would be Wheel of Time

And listening to the lyrics both are fairly obvious

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Any Tigran Hamasyan fans out there?


Recently, I’ve re-fallen-in-love with website. It presents a map of the world (using Google Earth mapping) showing various sizes of “green dots.” Each dot represents a Live-streaming Radio Station. The larger dots have more radio stations grouped together. The largest ones have PAGES (sometimes up to 12 pages) each listing 8 radio stations.

Granted, a lot of the radio stations broadcast English-language typical music genres. But you can find radio stations that broadcast music in their own languages and styles. Whilst I don’t understand the languages, their music styles and performances are fantastic! -)

The website is

I’ve talked to the local “Quickie-Mart” (7-11, Stop&Go, etc.) convenience stores that employ people from around the world. They’ve been listening to music they’ve brought from their own countries on digital forms. Once I tell them about this site, where they can hear music from their own world-wide regions and sometimes from the radio stations they used to listen to…their eyes show unbelieving. Returning 2 weeks later and I get many thanks and free food/drinks! Cha-Ching! -)





The hurdy-gurdy post and other strange instruments lead my youtube suggestions to diddley bows.

So, I made one for my bro. Conclusion, he loved it and I can make one, but still can not play one string, let alone 4 or more. :eye roll: So, I wont be playing anything. Maybe, I can get him to play something.

I wrote the above sometime ago and forgot to post, argh. I think I was going to add a picture.

Came to post these guys, nice for when I need to mellow out at work.


My new favorite


Old but so powerfull.


I like a lot of different kinds of music-from classic rock, to miscellaneous music 40’s (thanks to my grandparents) through today, Transiberian Orchestra for Christmas, soundtrack scores, Jim Croce, Alice Cooper, Ides of March, Beatles, AC/DC, songs written & produced by Jim Steinman…Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass and instrumental surf music (thanks to my stepdad). Not big into country or super hard stuff. Depends on mood, occasion. I do love good instrumentals.


With an half Atlas Station in it!


Huh… This song reminds me a lot of the music clips by bad lip reading, stylistically, tonally, right down to the at times random seeming lyrics:

(just posting one, but you should check them all out… they’re really good musically, and also completely hilarious)

I can listen to anything once or twice a day but if I had to play the radio all day in the background I’d pick a classic rock station. It really depends on the day and mood but that’s usually my catch-all, go-to style of music but I like pretty much anything up-beat.

Here’s one of my favorites…

And here’s one of my guilty pleasures just for the lyrics! :smile: