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Think that I like the 2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence movie better:

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Well that movie does have Jude Law going for it. Any movie is a lesser movie with his absence <3

I remember being a kid watching this, and instantly recognising Robin Williams voice at the end and wishing he was in the entire movie. Guy was my childhood tv bestest friend with mork and mindy reruns and his 90s blockbusters :smiley:


Yes. I liked that one too.
I found The Creator to be a tad confusing.


Episode 3 of my animated series is out!


Vague Spoilers ahead for “How do you Live?”/“The Boy And The Heron.”

Very big fan of Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli.

When he announced he was yet again coming out of retirement to make one last film for his grandkids to “know him, because he knew he didn’t have long left in this world” I knew this was one Ghibli film I had to see in the cinema with my parents.

All that was known of the film throughout its production was that its title was borrowing from a book called “How do you live?” but would not have anything to do with the book, other than its important to the plot.

I was sort of convinced he’d die before finishing this, or that it would at least be his final film for sure; no takes backs on this retirement.

What I hadn’t planned on was my own mother not surviving to see it. She died quite suddenly and unexpectedly in February 2023.

The film was released in Japan, with no trailers or advertisements bar one billboard the day before tickets went on sale.

After that, the international distributors changed the name to The Boy and The Heron and began to flood the internet with images, trailers, everything. None of the reservation shown by its creator in its home turf.

Nevertheless I somehow managed to avoid all of it, even when the algo was spitting headlines and thumbnails at me I’d quickly throw my phone away. I want to go in blind.

Four weeks ago I booked two tickets for a showing, for myself and my father. I woke up with terrible dread and anxiety and decided I couldnt do it. I booked two tickets for the following week and it wasn’t until the day that it hit me. I was doing it wrong.

So this time I ordered three tickets. One adult, two seniors. I forgot about my mam.

We finally made it out to see the film today, as it turns out it’s the last weekend this particular cinema will be showing it.

I know an awful lot about Miyazaki, his life, and how he puts his mother in nearly all his films, and the type of life she had and upbrining she gave him as a result (not to mention multiple Nippon TV docs and one feature length doc, I’m a Ghibli Otaku I admit it XD). So I thought his last film was his most personal, and that this next one would be less closer to his personal heart and more in tune with his dreaming heart.

All I can say is I couldnt have been futher from the truth.

While this is a return to the fantastical realms we might expect from previous films like Spirited Away it is probably his most personal film. Yes even more personal than the one about Jiro, the inventor of the Zero Plane (Miyazakis father owned a plane manufacturer during WW2).

While The Wind Rises was Miyazaki learning to find peace and understanding with his father, and forgive him for past accusations of war profiteering… It must have opened the floodgates and allowed him to bare his personal memories even more. It abnsolutely opened up the avenue for this films story.

This movie is very much revisiting that childhood, but no longer hiding behind the fictional story of a real person he never met. I finally get waht he meant when he said this film was for his grandkids.

You can see him in this film.

From the young boy torn from his home by war, to the old man in a tower of dreams stressing over what will happen if he doesnt find a successor, or if one is even required in the first place, maybe its okay for something to end…

His entire life, the person he was , has become and the one he strives to be. It’s all on display. And more so than ever, the sickly but strong mother he put in all his movies, she’s everywhere in this one. It’s all about it.

And I was not expecting this film to be about that.

But it was exactly what me and my dad needed. Pure catharsis, tears and laughter.

Highly, highly reccommend <3



Been wanting to see this so much. I did the opposite of you and have read all I can from Japanese viewers about it, which isn’t really much…it’s kinda a movie you just have to see to understand is what I got from what I have read.
But yes, a very personal story and also one that asks forgiveness from his own son since he has not had the best relationship with him.
Will see it as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

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Now that you mention it…

Theres a certain character, who seems very annoyed at a “transgression” the boy made, and I got the feeling that was him sort of making fun of himself with how he treated Goro during the production of tales of earthsea '^_ ^ Because the boy was only doing what was continuously asked of him.

I Feel like I’m saying too much by trying not to say anything at all so blurring that just in case.

Hope you get to see it soon and don’t have to travel too far to find a theatre showing it <3 Failing that I’m sure it will find its way to streaming/home media soon.

In other non spoiler news the mad lad is already talking about doing a Nausicaa sequel. He can’t help himself XD


Well, it’s not like Nausicäa’s become any less topical since its release 40 years ago… :grimacing:


Episode 4 of my animated series is out!


Any On Cinema fans in the house? Season 14 is currently airing, this still from todays episode is so loaded, I cant begin to explain why its so funny to me.

Today they reviewed “Madame Web” and “Bob Marley: One Love”.

If no fans in the house, how would everyone like to start watching a Movie review show like Siskel and Ebert except they never get around to the movies because their egos take over?

It’s 14 season of content, and technically the Marvel Cinematic Universe is part of the On Cinema Cinematic Universe (therefore, it is bigger than the MCU XD)

It is a hard sell, nothing about it sounds good and its gonna be about 5 hours in before you start to really enjoy it… But trust me, you’ll hate it!

Just trying to convert some folk while we wait for new NMS content. :wink:

For a few years I have had no easy way to condense what it is but thankfully someone finally took the onus on themselves and made a youtube video/channel covering it as well as you can

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I don’t think you entirely understand the concept of selling something… ??


It sure does sound like I’m advertising for Stockholm Syndrome :laughing:

What if I told you it eventually leads to a 5 day murder trial that’s played completely straight for its 8th season? Going so far as to hire actual attorneys and judges who work as actors part time (cos everyones an actor in LA XD )

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Ummm…this is too much like watching the US Congress and the myriad of trials and inquiries and impeachments that have become a part of daily life here. I laugh at them all the time for many of the same reasons as their character traits rise to the surface like scum in a chum bucket. Then I remember, it’s real…

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Unfortunately because the worlds eyes are ever watchful of America, we all get to see that too (maybe not to the nuance and regularity those living there do, but we get the highlights reel).

I think that’s why I enjoy this comedian so much, they’re actually doing a good job of lampooning that frame of thought in a time where its become difficult as republicans (not all, but safe to say most?) have just become a parody of themselves. And I find it incredibly cathartic to know someone has their number called so well.

Recently he did interviews with Fred Armisen in the style of Bill Maher and I just can’t get enough of it.

(was filmed to play in place of his normal live stream while away working on other projects, also did something similar for thanksgiving, a never ending loop Joe Rogan spoof)

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Thank you Carrie for explaining what is wrong with most movies today


Just watched this movie. Not sure how I missed it all these years. :smile:

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