MINI ARG Discussion and Speculation

So they’re making datamining officially part of the meta since we were doing it anyway to find out what was on the horizon.

So I’ve got some thoughts… For those who’ve not made it near the end of the expedition. Be warned.


I think a war is coming. And we’re being made to pick sides. And with the rumors of space stations and all the recent stuff based around repurposed space cores, I think we’re going to be fighting for territorial control across systems. I recall a very old interview where Sean mentioned toying with the idea of allowing players to destroy space stations and impact and change the universe this way.

Looks like this is the form that little pipe dream has taken.

I chose Atlantis because I still don’t really trust the Atlas and I wanna see what is up with the void mother.

Nada stated that abyss/atlantid/void were just words to fill gaps in knowledge of something we could not comprehend. It’s all getting very interesting up in the sim


I do kinda hope HG has hidden some clues outside of the game other than the binary on the patch site too. They’ve seen us find the Spectograph audio so I’d be surprised if they didn’t think we’d be able to speedrun all the hex codes either…

The trailer would make sense but I don’t think there’s anything hidden in the frames there? At least just looking at it at 0.25x


well they did say they were clues to the ARG. Not the start of an ARG

I suspect since they are saying this is Part 2 of 4.
3rd will be another expedition
4th will be the Anniversary Update…and since so much lack of content since Switch…thinking big one?

So maybe ARG will start after 3 or during, and lead into 4 / Anniversary.


Found myself daydreaming and eventually wondering what HG’s next game will be.

They’ve already mentioned they’d started fleshing it out in early stages a while back…They’d hardly unveil it through some sort of elaborate ARG using their current passion project as a catalyst now would they?

Nah, just a stray thought. Think I’ve been mining Echoes and counting worms jumping over the horizon for far too long today.


I wish we could turn in stacks of echoes instead of one at a time. Or did I miss something…


I was thinking the reason for this might be to stop sneaky save editors from duping 1000’s of em and then dropping them all in at once and completing the progression very quickly.

It’s that or HG are sadists.


Looks like Stu is getting in to the ARG spirit for this weekends community mission.


Who is STU?


Someone whose been using some system clock work around to somehow always be the first person to discover the weekend quick silver mission system. They switched their steam name to Binary this week



thats fuckn sad


Something has been given me an interest. And now I am Suspicious of Nada. Reason being, there was dialogue in the 4th prayer when you communed with the Atlas interface, where I guess it’s just mental chatter of the player’s Anomaly calling Nada’s disposition and anger against Atlas. As far as to say A Falsity. But, Nada is creating Echo seeds, while Atlas is also creating seeds. A New Atlantid coming, which we know is also a nother way to say Void Mother. Could elude to Nada, as well as “The cycle continues”


Welcome to the forum @Muzzer55555 .
It definitely feels like there will be interesting consequences coming. The Anomaly is a place that is ‘safe’ from the eyes of the Sentinels but not safe from the repeated universal resets of the Atlas, it makes sense that Nada has a plan to keep everyone safe. So whether or not we trust Nada may depend on which way we lean. We know the Atlas has 16 minutes left to failure. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
I want to know if our choice at the end of this expedition will have a bearing on the outcome.


Thanks for the warm welcome. And yeah, that’s exactly what I mean too! The Anomaly is also in a place where Atlas cannot see it. One of many things Atlas can’t see, like Living Ships, and Living Frigates. I’d have to dig some more into it as well as talk with the NMS Discord, since there was reason to believe it’s a new ARG and have ties to Waking Titan. They know more about that ARG than I do.



Also, Waking Titan is long over but its not canon to NMS so its extremely unlikely to be connected to Waking Titan. This ARG, so far, appears to be entirely a new ARG thing that HG is doing and IS canon.

Unless I am missing something, so far this ARG is contained in the game itself. Waking Titan took place across several websites and real world locations.


I wonder if the “far reaching” consequences for the NMS Universe Sean mentioned our choices would have relate to both the growing convergence, as well as our construct. Maybe after planting our chosen seed, the construct will align the convergence with whichever side we chose, although I’m not sure how that’d have a major impact on the universe since people would likely make very different choices. The ARG might serve to incentivize people to choose team Atlantid then?

Speaking of the choice, who’s side are fellow ETARCers on? I’ve seen a lot of people distrust the Atlas, but I personally began to find the Atlantid a bigger falsity throughout this expedition.


I am far more distrusting of Void Mother. The Atlas has been corrupted right? It was abandoned due to its size? It was not portable. So it was left to decay. But this ARG is really leaving me suspicious of both. Are they competing AIs? Is Void Mother the portable version of the Atlas? See, I am still too confused over the facts to really be able to answer. And I just know Ariadne figures into this somehow. She must. She betrayed her friends on the Anomaly. I am still really undecided… is it really the fault of the Atlas that so many got trapped in the world of glass?
Then again, I did decide to put Artemis in the simulator that I am placing all these echoes in…I don’t know who to choose. I need more information. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :laughing: Hope this does not start affecting my sleep.
Or are the Echoes AI? And we are giving them a collective form? And if that is so, then we are choosing who they will be learning from…Atlas or Void Mother… :open_mouth:


I feel like the Abyss is acting as a sort of False Shepherd rn, especially with how it’s promised the sentinels, the autophages and even Telamon a way to survive, despite still being a part of the Simulation and not an actual physical machine outside of it (if it really is just the Korvax prime convergence). Although, that makes me wonder if the Abyss plans to kill off the Atlas’ essential subsystems as a way to prolong the end of the Simulation, as a way to survive.


Hey I played the Expedition before they fixed the bug that allowed you to do the optional tasks and put a soul into our Robo-Spider-Friend. So my theory definitely has spoilers that most have yet to see. (i will blur thos bits)

I’ve always felt that Atlas’s plan to survive systems failure was to create some sort of power surge sci fi magic to escape its own reality (knowing it too is in a simulation of sorts).

I think dumbing down the sims (atlas could create realistic, complicated universes and sims of its own universe that could predict past and future) , increasing the amount run simultaneously, and focusing on just these three races and the destruction of Korvax Prime again and again all plays in to this.

Atlas made an enemy as powerful as itself because it needed to. It needed something that would grow so strong, so full of malice, it was free of the parameters that bind the Atlas to its protocols (if you recall, getting rid of Telamon and trapping it in to the iteration-anomalys exosuit, was also part of this).

Thats what the Atlantid/Abyss/Void is, it’s korvax prime, the sims version of the atlas, marked for deletion, destined to become free space, or moved to a different hard drive, however you wish to perceive the world of glass (I see it as data on a disc thats been marked for deletion, still there technically, but not on the surface and will be overwritten when new data needs new soace, marked VOID for deletion :wink: )

So Spoiler time.

At the end of the expedition the choice you are given is to put the last autophage peice in to the construct, or to put in the seed of hope the atlas gave you. Depending on your choice, they will have different text colour and say different things. Ones purple. Ones red. Ones Atlantid. The other is Crimson.

War is coming, at least a territorial one, thats my theory. We’re going to be picking sides, and then we are going to be claiming systems for our chosen kind. And then the percentage of who claimed more among the community, will decide the ending for this 4 part story. I dont see this as being a PVP focused thing (unless people want that and seek it out) since the universe is so big and so wide It’d be silly to spend time focusing on capturing points, that wil come from community meta and hubs etc naturally but it will come down to people mostly jumping from system to system and corrupting space station cores. (okay going way out on a limb here but super wishful thinking meets evidence).

Either way, we’ve let a spy on to the nexus. We have allowed the Atlas to see on board… or we have allowed the Atlantid. I dont think either one is good for Nada and Polo and our like-traveller family.

I wonder what Laylaps will make of all this?

Also the Atlas new sounds, the words we found in them. Are those the Atlas’s words? Did we finally understand what it was saying to us. Is the Atlas warning us or is it just trying to reverse psychology us knowing full well we never listen to a damn thing it tells us to do (yeah no im not hitting that reset button, nice try, now wheres the star I birthed?! STOP IGNORING ME BLOOD BALL!!)


So, I’ve been discussing this kind of purpose of what Atlas’ motives are in the discord. And bear with me, because there was a LOT of moving pieces, and datamined retried lore because it wasn’t saved.

Anyway, long story short, Atlas was “abandoned” because it was obsolete tech. (I’ll save my opinions of that for a different thread)

Void Mother, Glass, Abyss, Void, Atlantid are all names to described the “deleted memory” in a computer system. They can be retrieved but they can also be corrupted. (Similar how the echo seeds are invisible until we “probe” the area)

So, that’s what I think of the Deleted world. How this ties with Nada, is that they are from the simulation when Korvax Prime was destroyed, and the simulation was destroyed by the Sentinels in a few seconds. This also marks the separation of the Sentinels and Atlas. We know Polo and Nada built the Anomaly, and that it hides from Atlas somewhere in an undisclosed location. It’s not safe from resets.

How this ties into the Crimson seeds / Echo seeds is that you now have a powerful entity with a noticeable mark on the simulations, even in the Boundary Logs,Telamon talks about other travellers and White Holes, saying it is impossible. Time may be asynchronous between simulations, but time travel is impossible . We also know Void Mother’s thing is seeing past 16 (Death of Atlas) into a 19, more often noting 17.

Something is wrestling Atlas for the ability to control simulations, and create worlds. Whatever Void Mother is, they also possess the ability to corrupt and “create from nothing”