Let's Discuss Multiplayer - More Specifically "Pirating"


I like that more integrated approach. Maybe we just need a toggle button to turn our icon on if we want to be seen. Or like you say we get a warning ‘unknown entity is approaching your position’ , providing you have the tech upgrade installed and working. Put down a beacon to search or find an observatory.

You can communicate now just by using the ENTER key on PC and type your message. It works very well if you don’t use voice.

I do get notice so and so has entered. So I can make a decision what to do.


Problem being, the first people who’ll turn that off are the griefers…
Would still be nice though, we could organise some battle royale events… In Permadeath! :smile:


So im feeling brave posting this on the Internet, and I figure this threads a good place to share it…

If anyone wants to add me on PS4 and drop in any time while I work on uncharted outposts or whatever I’m up to, maybe even leave your mark on some or would like to get to the ETARC/ECSD starchain, my psn is Christianhour

Just mention in message who you are on forum :slight_smile: I don’t mind people dropping into my lobby once I know who they are and if you’d like to show me something in your universe invite away :smiley:


We have shields too. Not sure how long they last. If it is your game that someone joined then presumably the invite was open, so it would be easy to log off, turn off network then rejoin, hassle free.to continue solo.


Looks like they’ll be introducing some optional settings to tailor your multiplayer experience :slight_smile:

Good news for those lone travellers or groups worried about griefers.


So maybe a friends only option…I had a random player join me last night. It was the first time. It was fine. We just did our own thing and he kindly offered to help with any elements I needed but, I was looking for salvage tech. I did shut my game down with him in it though…I gave him fair warning. Hope he was okay.


If he had set up a portal in a base and used them in space stations they should be fine finding their way back. I’ve also saved in a friend’s game, quit out and loaded solo only to find myself back where I last saved before joining , that doesn’t happen every time though, might depend if I’ve jumped system after joining a friend.


Look me up too, my PSN is the same as my Username on ETARC. just add an _ between the two names.


KnightAlese and I will drop by say hi some time.


OMG Toddumptious thanks for the link!

I’ll read this right away in anticipation of the good news!!

Happy Traveling.



I am of the opinion that they didn’t need the enter random player button or really even the enter friends. The random button for sure can be taken out. We have portals and teleportation, and we can build anywhere now. I would think that would be enough to establishes a link with friends. It shouldn’t be so easy to find someones base/player or ship unless they want them too. Of course, it did help me out a while back when I was stuck on an island. :hushed:


I personally like the random player button, because I can just observe and/or collaborate with other players because I have no friends :upside_down_face: At least, I have no friends that play No Man’s Sky
I am personally in favor of putting in a mechanic that makes the hosting player have to approve each player.


There is a long video from QuakeCon 2018 with the devs of Fallout 76 talking about it. They described how they were going to make “Griefers to be interesting content.” All during their discussion on their plans for griefers, there was applause from the audience…like the overwhelming majority in that room was rooting for the “bounty” system. It shows that these devs are pro-active to control griefers while, at the same time, allowing open-world PvP. I wish more devs could be so thoughtful and progressive! -)



Saved my life when, upon discovering a bug with recovering a legacy base, loading into my game would instantly Kil me.

The bug being, if you used a manual save beacon in a legacy base after recovering, upon reloading you would appear in the system the base was in BEFORE next.

Aka, floating in the system where yr planet used to be surrounded by the comm balls travellers had left, mocking you as you fall past them :joy:

SO, I joined a random game and then used space station teleporter to return home.

This is a great temporary solution for anyone having trouble when loading a game.

Edit: which gets me thinking… Yr comm balls for Yr puzzle are still out there floating in their systems… I could still technically finish it :joy:


Or you will have to dig for them. From what I have seen all the planets have gotten smaller, so maybe not. I’ll get back to that sooner or later. Your welcome to drop it if you want, I figured NEXT ended that. Thanks. same for @Oshoryu.

@projectcartwheel I’m not so upset about the whole multiplayer button thing. Maybe, HG could make the trolling pirates game mode turn into permadeath for awhile, upon the act of grieving. :smiling_imp: :cake: They could just restore a backup, but at least the Devs could troll the trolls a little.


Gita Jackson has been following the NMS community for a long time. Another great article by her just came out,


Okay, I had a random pop into my game the other day while I was working on the Frontier’s Cloud bar in creative. I had just uploaded the base a moment before. I wonder if this increase the chance of a random pop in.

Anywho, It was actual quit nice. He complemented the Cloud bar. Then, said we had to go shopping for a better ship and freighter for me. He found me a few S classes, which for me where C class, go figure. Very nice, considerate young adult, reminded me a lot of @Ospredox. He didn’t mention birds, but he talked my ear off. :grin:


Usually I’m the one to talk people ears off, but good to hear that nothing bad happened! The other day I had someone join in and immediately got attacked by space pirates, which resulted in them screaming the “F word” over and over again through chat. Let’s say it was the fastest I’ve ever kicked someone from my game online. :laughing:


Lol, What happens to the person that gets kicked? Do they go back to the game mode selection screen? Maybe, you saved them. unless there is no auto-save before the kick and they lose there stuff gained during your lobby time together.