Lab319 Investigation
Has an image of an atlas pass
Has an asteroid shooter game


I saw someone post a screen of that earlier in another topic discussing lab319, and I honestly thought someone had just taken a screen of one of the dead-end/unrelated websites and photoshopped a screencap from their phone (going by the image dimensions) very hastily as some sorta joke…

It’s actually real!?


Probably nothing but the only two rooms with moddeled furniture for the house are the areas you’d SLEEP in and the area one is mostly likely to find a computational device strong enough to run the Simulation (aka Your tv and console/pc)

Oh god… its happening again. Thanks WT. Tinfoil hat. Everythings an answer. Everythings a solution. None of the ones I see are anywhere near the mark! :grimacing:

Also I don’t know much on house design but… The way these ones are built by “solomag” (who joined sketchlab in september 2017) is causing the rooves to make some crazy shapes not dissimilar to the sort of geometry we’ve witness in NMS/WT if you go to a top down vbiew

Heres another house Solomag has designed, also in this one the only thing modeled besides structure is a LAND VEHICLE!


The atlas pass on the website is the only thing that makes me think it’s related somehow to the ARG.


I’m playing the game trying to see if you get to a certain score something pops up maybe 10,000


yea i tried researching solomag the creator but didn’t find anything and these 2 houses are there only work

When were they created?

Can’t get exact dates, but Labhouse was created first, Cubehouse is the most recent, but sometime between september and now. (It’s roof kinda looks like the WakingTitan logo or as it’s seen in-sim, the door to an atlas station, or ya know, just your typical multi-sided square-lindri-pherical shape… I don’t know geometry, making up my own jargon, ssshh!)

As labhouse is the one directly on the site, it has 1000 views, but not many followed solomag back to sketchfab so thats only been viewed twenty times, I’m wondering if theres importance to it, since thats the one that has the mad wonky (definitely counterproductive if in a rainy country) roof.

edit Okay taken a step back, thought it through, and gonna go back to my initial impression which was, company gets bombarded by ARG players asking crazy stuff, they respon via typical PR stunt by putting up a related image to al lthe enquiries they got. That is until I decide to stop protecting my crazy brain from its own theorys and jump right back in… probably gonna flip-flop to a new position in oh… five minutes. God dammit, where IS that guy with my nip nip bud? Shouldve been here by now…


it is not the same as previous arg, I believe someone made that up to confuse.
It does not feel right

i got to 7000 in the game but it is so boring i cant go on anymore

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I agree.

I doubt they would make such an obvious connection to the ARG. Plus, the image is a cell phone picture of someone holding their V4 pass. Why would A&S use such a crap image instead of the relatively nice looking stock photo they have been using all along? Not connected, imo.


so I was looking at the website
I know people are saying they are not connected and lab319 is a real business. But, if you look on the side of website they posted an Atlas pass.
Now I’m just confused.


Yes I saw this website, can you notice how much the background is familiar? With that little thingy moving ?
I am probably just paranoïd

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In that website both of those 3d models were created 4 months ago but the copyright for the site is for 2016.
I would have thought there would have been more activity

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Background animation is the same as Atlas Foundation:


Question is, do I send my personal details to a site in Moscow?

I’m likely to find my bank account emptied, and several of my relatives kidnapped.


I have looked for the adresse on google maps and it doesn’t appear?

haha I tried to chat and sent an email already, with no particular sensible info…
2 days - no response.


also i did some looking and Moscow 499, 498 or 495 and this is 985 and according to wikipedia there is no 985 region code


lol yeah I might wait a bit before sending any info off.

Either they posted it because everybody kept contacting them so they did it to mess with all of us or they are related either way I’m making a new tinfoil hat

You might end up married you know from Russian with love that movie could be your life not the James bond one

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