Atlas Foundation Site Glitching


The “About Us” page on the Atlas Foundation site has started glitching. It wasn’t doing this yesterday


really? let me check
edit: confirmed, glitching for me aswell

hehe something is happening…


Oh dear… let’s hope WARE isn’t at it again. They have done enough damage.


something is about to break…


It’s late for it to happen today, though. Possibly a warning of something happening tomorrow.


What city is the background image?


Can’t remember. People found out in the first phase - possibly Tokyo. I’m not sure.


Doesn’t look to be Tokyo,

None of the landmarks, and driving on the wrong side (JP drives on the left, like Britain)


The picture is a composite - it’s been mixed up, parts are reversed. I’m pretty certain it was Japan or China.


Looking around, it seems like it was originally Beijing.


Could be. I’m looking for the old references. It’s hard - there are lots, and I’m not sure I kept it.



Thank you. Reliable service, as always. I don’t know why I bother keeping my own records. :grinning:


That’s what I was thinking haha
I’m pretty sure Devilin has some Flash Gordon genes


Yandex for the win! Really, image search is a piece of cake over there :wink:


No, it has been like this since the site was created, here is video proof:


It may have been glitching to begin with, but it stopped. I’ve been checking it a couple of times a week, for months - because the other sites were shut down, but this one wasn’t.

It hasn’t been glitching for months. This is new.


There’s been no data change to the site.


He did notice it right before Claire went active again.


The Atlas site has always been an enigma to me. Was it ever really used in any way? I kept expecting us to be referred to it or for it to finally reveal something but, it never has… maybe we used the e-mail address? The fact that it is still active may mean something is yet to come. :thinking: