Killing the walkers is a lot more fun and more complex, this time around

So there it is, a dead walker…two of them actually but the second isn’t in the screenshot:

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you shoot them is likely that you’re doing zero damage…that’s because when they first spawn they are mostly invulnerable to damage until all the armor pieces are shot off them.

The ones I fought were at wanted level 4…they had five pieces of armor, upper legs, lower legs, and near the top of its face…as long as one piece of armor is still on a walker you cannot damage it.

Once the armor is off you will need to sink A LOT of ammo into its head before it dies. I lost count of how many full clips of ammo I sunk into them, it was just clip after clip after clip…and I have an S-class alien rifle with +89% damage. But regardless of weapon, make sure you have lots of ammo crafted ahead of time.

Their beam will do a lot of shield damage if it gets a full on hit on you but luckily they are not that good at aiming…I ended up retreating into a tight spot between some ruin pillars and while it could have hit me there the AI was not good enough to cope with precise positioning and aiming…if you need you can dig yourself a trench in the ground and you’ll likely be mostly safe if you need time to regen shields.

But you do need to be out and about to take out all of its armor pieces because it does not stand still, it is always moving and circling.

You can’t hurt it with a mining beam, you need a proper weapon. I had the Boltcaster with the Boltcaster SM, and another class B RNG tech attachment that gave me a bit more fire rate and lower reload time.

Happy hunting.


Nice work! I think I read somewhere that they have vulnerable spots for more damage, do please experiment some more! :grin:


The terrain manipulator to build trenches and covers can be very helpful. I thought they were totally invulnerable until I started dropping grenades and full-charged lances at its face. They have very specific loot to them… I’m loving the “rpg feeling” of wanting to keep everything in case it plays a needed role in the future!


Their loot I’m not worried about…because if I ever need it I know exactly where it will be readily available.

Yeah I was fighting a Single Sentinel that was bothering me while I was mining and low and behold in a few minutes I had gotten to the Walker Phase and then defeated it finally. Then I got into another battle with a new group of little sentinels and the walkers came right in again :slight_smile: I had enough fighting sentinels so I ran away :slight_smile:

It isn’t like 1.38 where you could mess with something in front of a Sentinel kill it and then go on without being bothered. Sentinels now always call for help on there Death I think to any nearby units and cause reinforcements to come in droves. So the fastest way to avoid them is to simply run away if there are more than one in the area :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to use the terrain manipulator to dig a hole for the walkers to fall into? Maybe even cover the hole after it falls in haha


Eh…maybe…but careful with that…they are invulnerable to damage as long as they still have any one piece of armor…dig them in an you may have to awkwardly dig yourself in after them to get to their leg armor or some such…they also don’t stand still for one moment…so digging under their feet may be a feat trickier and riskier than you imagine.

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Yeah… I think the best use for the manipulator is actually to create fast cover on the spot, so that that the Walker’s lance doesn’t melt your face, specially, since the “negative” radius of the manipulator has been made fixed in size and shape.


Ah, so anything ‘Sentinel’ doesn’t just shoot through terrain anymore?

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Not sure…on this specific occasion I hid in ruins, and certainly didn’t shoot through those…I didn’t notice its beam as capable of denting terrain so it cannot dig…aside from that if its beam does glitch through terrain you could always choose to fight them near buildings and such where you can place yourself in tight places where it can’t target you properly.

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I fought a few sentinels walkers and found them pleasingly difficult. The leg armor was really hard to shoot, though. The legs move rapidly making it difficult to land the majority ofbyour shots. I think their leg armor should be a bit weaker to compensate for the manyyyyy missed shots you are GOING to make.

Something to note, they also shoot dual lasers that look like red boltcaster shots. They also launch a handfull of blue bombs into the air that land randomly in all directions after destroying their head armor.

I kinda farmed the sentinel walkers by creating a base inside a cliffside that hangs over the water and across the water is a small elevated island.

Something to note: you cant take your weapon out when standing over base pieces.


I personally thought their armor was very brittle to begin with…very disproportionately weak given that’s supposed to protect them yet without it they can face tank damage for days. I think the challange is more in being aware of the armor and getting a few shots on all pieces than on its toughness. For the first one I struggled badly to hit the legs but it got better after that as I got used to their speed and movement and was better able to put the shots where they will be rather than where they are to compensate for their movement.


I always just got into my ship and blasted from above while circling them. Is that not possible anymore?


I never fought them with my ship…I don’t know if it’s possible exactly but I’m going to guess no…the reason for that is they are immune to damage as long as one piece of armor remains on them so you need to take out their upper legs armor, lower legs armor, and forehead before damaging them…and these are not the most armored either…it’s not really doable to precisely hit each and every body part before damaging them And they don’t stand still either…they’re always moving and always in circles so trying to precisely target body parts not only as they always move but as they always turn as well before doing any damage…not really doable. I’m guessing they implemented the armor and total damage immunity as long as they have any specifically to stop the ship exploit.

A big radius on your explosive plasma can let you “bypass” the precision aiming part… Maybe ship missiles work, but not likely… They seem to have big damage, but no real radius.

What I did was just hop in my ship and gun it down from there. Surprisingly, while in your ship in the air, the Sentinels can’t attack you put you can easily attack them. The rocket launcher works the best, due to its high damage-high blast radius.

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I used the blaze javelin. I modded it out alot and like to use it due to the instant projectile speed, high damage, easy to recharge without crafting anything. The only issue is that it needs to charge before firing but that was fine because i used that time to stay behind cover, pop out, shoot, retreat while the walker is firing and while i wait for a recharge then repeat.

For leg armor, i used my mining lazer. It wasn’t working at first but then it started working and that helped take care of the legs.

Edit: the boltcaster is good, though. I just ran out of ammo and i was firing from far away.


The plasma launcher is an excellent tool for stripping armor. I’m playing on survival, without any upgrades to the launcher, and it still destroy walker armor in one shot. It takes a while to learn how to aim properly, but it’s extremely effective.

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@DarthTrethon I’ve killed several Walkers by strafing runs from my ship. It is much easier than you think to hit the leg-armor, especially with PC/mouse (I did it with my Xbox controller as well).

Actually, killing Walkers from the ship is the only way I know how to do it without risking your life since Walkers hardly shoot at you at all when you’re flying and even when they do their lasers do next to zero damage.

It sure feels like an exploit, but hey - I think that it should be possible to kill of things from the air as well as from the ground.


Yeah they don’t seem to be able to do anything to the ship now so you can just chill in there too.