Buy One, Get Two Free - Fighting Multiple Walkers

If you attack a Walker, the game will very occasionally spawn multiple Walkers to take revenge. I first encountered this in version 1.2, but it’s rare, and in the past I hadn’t managed to capture it on video. Now I have.


I couldnt help laughing when the 2 appeared and started zapping you. You did well.
I typically make a fox hole with my grenades to use as a cover point if trying to biff big walkers…just in case it goes sour.


LOL. Yeah i dont even fight Walkers or Quads in this game. It literally has never happened to me ingame. It takes like 10 mins for them to spawn,and by that time im long gone. Or Sentinels are long dead,etc.

And the attack effect from the Walker givers me motion sickness and makes me nauseous lol,so i dont mind not fighting them. Now make it so walkers can be pre spawned on planets and roaming around,then we’d be talking.

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You can have a pet walker if you want (for a while, anyway).

It takes a bit of practice to catch and tame one in such a way that it can’t escape, but it amuses me.

I might make a video about it.


Yeah I know,I’ve don’t it myself a couple times. And actually I should say I’ve never got a walker to dap2n since 1.3.

But yeah it’s pretty funny when u g2t one to Spawn,and th3 walker tries AS HARD AS it can to get as far away from the player as possible for it to respawn hahaha.