I've Forgotten Remembrance

I was given a quest to create a thing called “Remembrance”. It needed Heart of The Sun.

Since I was nowhere near creating Heart of The Sun, I parked the quest for a while, and got on with other things.

Now it’s disappeared. I don’t have the quest any more, and I don’t have the blueprint. I’ve actually forgotten remembrance.


I have got either of those quests yet, but I’m guessing that might be a problem anyway as I don’t seem to have the blueprint for the 2nd orb from atlas interfaces??

There is likely a mission trigger for this. “Remembrance” is an exosuit upgrade that uses the “Heart of the Sun”, I installed one myself. I haven’t had a chance to test it, but I think it might let you pass through the core without smashing all your stuff :crossed_fingers:

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I had a similar problem, but it was the blueprint for the first Atlas orb (Captured Nanode - the red one) that went missing. I managed to get it back by loading an old save.

However, there doesn’t seem to be an orb from the second Atlas interface. The second orb actually comes from the third Atlas interface. It’s called “Englobed Shade”. If you’ve got that, you’re OK.

Oh ok yeah I’ve got that one, it yellow if I remember correctly

I need this yellow orb blueprint too.
The 1st time i saw the “Remembrance” was during a mineral scan. The day after the quest disapeared but i still had the possibility to craft it.

That would be nice!!
But it seems there is a bug! Cause i had both heart of sun and nanites required, the recipe and quest to craft it too… And i wasn’t able to do so. now recipe and quest are both gone.

The problem is solved, at least for me. Thank you, Xion4012 and kerdorin, for the answer.

It turns out that although Remembrance looks like a quest in the game, it isn’t. And although it looks like a regular, craftable Atlas orb, it isn’t one of those, either.

As has been pointed out, it’s actually an exosuit tech upgrade. And the blueprint only appears in that menu.

So you need to open your exosuit inventory, and click “E” on an empty slot. And there’s the blueprint, hidden away in there.


The reason you can’t find or make it is that it’s not a regular craftable item - it’s a suit upgrade, and can only be created in that menu.


Yes, i should have say that’s a technology, not just a craft :wink:

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“Remembrance” is an exosuit upgrade. Check there.


Yes, so I’ve discovered. Thanks.

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Ha I went through exactly the same thing

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What effect does it have in your exosuite then? Seems odd for it not to be just a craftable blueprint

Looks like a shield buff…https://steamcommunity.com/app/275850/discussions/4/1473095331486784806/

Edit, see picture under Edit2 on above page.

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That’s a pretty small shield buff though.
It’s gotta do more.

Could it utilise some sort of synergy if placed next to the others?..assuming the others are tech upgrades?

I’m sure the “everything you ever new is within” is not there for nothing. And the cost is huge so the small shield bonus can’t be all.
I’d say that if equiped, we still are the same after [Spoil] reseting the simulation or something else for the future ?


My apologies! I was too quick to flag a bug, i am able to craft this mysterious technology in one of my suit’s slot. It seems to enhance shield when these technologies are crafted all together.

I also suspect there is more to it than just the shield bonus but I’ve been so busy just trying to set-up farming for $ to buy upgraded ships/freighter, chasing the Glyphs, and trying to locate exotic ships, that I haven’t gotten around to trying to craft it myself. Unfortunately most of my play time comes late Fri/Sat evenings when the family is in bed, so it’s been slow progress.


I’d like to try it myself but because of the Atlas recipe bug i can’t :frowning: But well, i don’t want to move from Hilbert for now so HG have the time to fix everything before.

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