Remembrance unavailable

I have finished the Artemis quest ,the atlas path and moved on from the first galaxy. I have the heart of the sun and nanites however I have not been able to build remembrance. I have never received the blueprint. How come ? Have I missed something or is this a bug? I’m on ps4 playing permadeath 150 hours in so I don’t wanna have to start over. Please help!

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Many people don’t realize it’s an upgrade, not an item. Check your exosuit upgrade list.

If you have completed the Artemis quest, by choosing to move to another galaxy or not, you will have it.


I found the Remembrance thing confusing too, since I saw that I got the recipe for it before I started to get the recipes for the seeds.

It wasn’t until I saw it show up when I clicked on an empty slot in my exosuit to install something else and it showed up among the upgrades!

So try to install in your exosuit and it should show up then.
(hope that is clear)
Let us know how it turns out?


You’re right it’s an upgrade not a craftable item like the heart. It can also be crafted in Euclid

Hello and Thanks for the reply ! I am aware that this is a technology and not a craftable item and I have checked my exosuit upgrade list and it is not there . However I just realized that I might not have finished the Artemis quest line after all. I thought I did because I told him he had died and that he was in a simulation so i thought that was it, but i noticed that i was still stuck on the patterns of time quest which i guess belongs to the Artemis quest line. Now I’m doing the guild missions , and hopefully that will resolve my issue once I’m done with those.


To clarify, you get remembrance after finishing the whole atlas rises story.

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There has been a fair amount of confusion about remembrance, for many reasons. Glad I could help.

I hope I didn’t ruin the story with the spoiler :pensive: