Remembrance...after NEXT

I deleted my REMEMBRANCE tech from my suit & have since found that I cannot access certain terminals in some locations. At the time I felt that it was no longer required due to it only adding an adjacency bonus & so I replaced it with some new module tech.
Was this a mistake?
Should I make a new one… & can I actually make a new one, separate to my long finished Atlas quest?
With all the mineral changes, I’m not even sure where to begin…

With the ABYSS update incoming, I’m concerned I might have nerfed myself…

Any thoughts…?


You should be able to rebuild Remembrance, as you should have gotten the blueprint for it after finishing the Purge. Next to being able to access those locked away terminals, obtaining some additional obscure lore, it only has a tiny health bonus. I can see how you may want the extra slot instead. For more detailed info, see here:


On the off chance that I may want it for the ABYSS lore, I went ahead and rebuilt it. I had all the ingredients in storage so it took less than 5 minutes to get it back. (Good memory huh? :joy: )
I have S everything in my modules so moving the Haz-Gauntlet over into regular inventory isn’t really a problem. I’ve got lots of space :grin:
Good to know it can easily be rebuilt if required but for now I’ll just keep it since I’ve done it.


Question: to get Remembrance, do I have to submit to the Atlas and choose a reset? What happens if I refuse the Atlas?


Remembrance is a tech you can build in your suit tech slots once you have the final seed as an ingredient.
No commitments required…


Well, I am at the end of the Purge. I either have to do a reset or refuse to do a reset. So if I refuse do I still get the blueprint for Remembrance?


Well I did anyway…


Okay, good because I DO NOT want to start again someplace else…:weary:

Yes! Worked for me too. Thanks!