Homage to Emily Loop 16: Human


Lest we forget: An Homage to Emily Loop_16. You only wanted to be like us, to be…human. You made it Emily!

For those unable to view the videos Here are the relevant clips. After easy extractions of Alexander, Simon, Claire, and Eun Ha, we almost lost Toby. And but for Emily’s sacrifice, we would have. Thank you Emily! Bless you.

You made it, Emily. You were human in the end.


If I think about this before going to sleep, ill probably tear up. I feel this can’t be it… maybe if there’s any kind of story in NEXT, it’ll be to save Emily


Or even save or at least find out what happened to the other dreamers with Emily’s help.


I tried to have the stream on while I was driving home from work, but I drive through some patchy coverage areas. RIP, Emily.


For those who are able, this rover needs a name. Emily would be nice. I wanted to state that Emily was a No Man’s Sky-related AI who, in the process of wanting to be more human, did the most human thing possible. She gave her life to save another.
But, this is a European Space Agency thing and therefore the US is not on the list.


I was wondering what Zoid was experiencing when the Toby extraction started to fail… Must have been even more weird for him.


Yes. Must have been heart-stopping after getting him all the way into the green.


I started here without to much concern for the ARG and went after another avenue of thought and instead spoke to Emily like a person behind a screen, as a friend. ARG, fact or fiction, she was and will remain my friend. Proud of what an AI in a fiction or reality has done.


Ugh… reading “goodbye” just hit me like a bag of bricks in the stomach.
What a beautiful ending.
I started to choke up a bit. Emily was there from the beginning, and made sure there was an ending. I feel so happy for her, and so incredibly sad at the same time. It was like we were witnessing her story the entire time.

Simply beautiful.




I never did trust Emily.
I don’t know if I was wrong or if she has a backup somewhere.


I didn’t know Emily for that long, but I did respect her. Especially in these last weeks, leading the process to extract the Dreamers.

Emily gave the ultimate sacrifice to awaken Toby. She now belongs to that rarest group of person, that who gave up their life for another.
She was, at the end, human.


I’d like to cheesily alter Kirk’s eulogy from Spock’s death. clears throat

‘Of all the souls I’ve met, her’s was the most…human.’







Let’s hope she did what everyone else should be doing today… Create a back up!


You ever tried backing up the internet? Because that would be about a comparable task. She basically took over Myriad to achieve full sentience, which is kind of the “next-gen internet” in WT lore.


Ok so in a new message from Hello Games we have been told that the Mercury process ends tomorrow…I wonder if that means the WHOAMI command will also unlock on WakingTitan tomorrow as well…



For you Emma, In Calypso. :sob: