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Once you’ve ‘unlocked’ as others have said, X onto a neighboring star to see information about it. Once you find the Economy and Conflict Scanners, the current state of the system will be displayed giving you a more informed choice. You can always see how many planets orbit the star, any moons as well as if it is in your jump range, (make sure your warp drive is fueled first) but if you can’t reach a star in one jump, you can set a Custom Waypoint and flicking through along the top with the shoulder buttons will cycle your active waypoints, (choose to follow the path of the Atlas/Anomaly etc)

I would definitely advise getting an Economy scanner as soon as possible, (purchased with nanites in space-stations) as visiting high wealth systems have the best chance of spawning top level ships etc.

If you’re after a Lush, Earth-like world, (leafy or watery), aim to visit Yellow stars as the chance is higher with this colour.


Anyone know if I need PS+ to participate in the weekly events?


Well for some reason my old save has decided to start working. Sort of. Periodically crashes.

I have no idea how to go about fueling my starship.
I know I need fuel or uranium but where the heck does it come from? :crazy_face:

I’m trying to work out what steps to take but anytime I enter my freighter I lose access to my menus so I have to restart back on the station…
I’m utterly confused, my ship keeps changing names and I don’t know what I should be doing first.
Could someone throw me a bone here?


There’s a new craftable fuel cell for launch thrusters can’t remember what need to craft but I know ferrite dust has replaced iron, pure ferrite has replaced detritum (no longer needs exocraft laser), thats all I can remember from top of my head :see_no_evil:

Oh wait, carbon tubes and metal plate makes fuel for launch thruster… Er, I think. And carbon makes the tubes and ferrite dust makes the metal plate.

Oh and eh, try not to freak out when you see Solanium.

There’s a new refinery machine, can turn ferrite dust into pure ferrite, pure ferrite into magnetised ferrite, carbon into condensed carbon etc.

The scanner and tagging is incredible and just makes finding resources around you so easy.

Oh and terrain manipulator is now how you mine those ore deposits, you’ll have to hold on to it from now on Mad Hatter.

Multitool and suit upgrades have had massive rehaul. It’s hard to explain but it really is much better. Basically you get upgrade modules, you buy the class you want c B a or s class, for the module you want, minin laser, scanner, grenades etc.

So for example I got two s class scanner modules, one of them increased my flora, fauna and scanning range by itself, the second one improved just flora and range but also decreased scanner cool down :slight_smile: they’re procgen modules, never know what Yr gonna get.

And a module can become over loaded, so if you have too many upgrades on yr mining laser or scanner, it becomes unusable so you have to keep a delicate balance in each core component and replace upgrades as you get better ones.

Using multitool as example but this applies to all upgradable tech.

@Mad-Hatter edited in some more info there for ya, did you see we can recover our old bases? :slight_smile:


ship fuel
Launch Fuel = di-hydrogen (mined from plants) + metal plating (ferite dust mined from rocks)
uranium will require beyond the basic multi tool (I think) and is only on desert planets
Edit: there are also di hydrogen crystals, blue ones that used to be chrysonite and so far they have all been really small but fairly plentiful
Tritium for pulse engines can be found in asteroid clusters


Thanks @sheralmyst and @toddumptious.
I had a handicapped start with a savage lag & crash glitch but it looks to be all better now. I’m way behind everybody as I was exhausted after loading problems and the glitches but I’m awake again now.
Returning to my old world seems to have been a dumb mistake with the firestorms but at least my evil critters have evolved into nicer beasts.
I found my old Collosos under a lake where my base once was and found I could summon it to the surface. This provided me with a small hording of bits, storage and a mining laser.
Your old comm Todd is way deep down…

As I sit, I’m refining some Chrome whatever to build a base computer so I can settle on to my odd island encampment.

Man, what nice visuals this game has now…wow!


Oh wow! It is after midnight here. So glad your game smoothed out. You get to have your cake and eat it too…lol. Happiest of cake days!
I am actually in my ETARC Hub system. Nothing here is very appealing. I have some fuel for my freighter and I will likely pull up stakes soon but, I gotta get some sleep.
Holy Smoke! What a game we have now!


Thanks for the info! I appreciate your help.


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I don’t know if it’s been asked but can you have storage containers at a planet base AND on your frieghter, at the same time?

Soz just noticed there’s another thread, will post there


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