Help a fellow Traveller


There is a frequency to the appearance of anomalies. I can’t remember exactly what, but it’s around every 5 warp jumps, you should find one. They don’t appear in every system.

Once you find one, ask Nada to put you back on the Atlas path. That should re-start the quest from where you left off.


It’s a time gate
Edit: but it’s supposed to be 2 hours after the last interaction that you picked show atlas path
2nd edit: I’m really bad at most explanations -sorry


Yeah, Im aware :slight_smile: But seems Im victim to a bug and the normal frequency and pattern of appearance is non existent. But I think Im on the right track to getting round it


Ah well, I’ve learned something. It’s a long time since I last did the Atlas path.

I knew the appearance of top-quality freighters was governed by a timer (something like 6 hours?), but not the anomalies.

NMS is full of hidden counters and triggers. Just to confuse the unwary traveller.


Yeah, if you select give supplies the timer doesn’t seem to function - I have got it a few times in 2 hours, maybe that’s where 5 warps does it or something.


I’ve also found playing on the same system for several hours will prompt the anomaly to appear next time you load that save, I guess as a measure to deliver the anomaly for players who may like to spend a lot of time in one place.

Hope that method works for you!


Id exhausted every method to get an anomaly to spawn. So I loaded a usb save and it had only the captured nanode on it. The anomaly spawned and i visited the atlas station, but it jumped to the 3rd blueprint again. i quickly ran through through the atlas stations to see if it would sort itself out. I birthed a star, so black holes are visible but I theres no way to get the second blueprint and craft remebrance.

Theres one last thing to try though. When i loaded the usb save there was an atlas station showing 1.1million ly away (where i went to grab my blueprints) Im going to reload the usb save and go back there and visit that station. If that doesnt work Im just going to bin this save


@dersvr I sure hope you can get this sorted. :frowning_face:

Have you considered sending a copy of your save file to HG? (I believe they requested this a few days ago)


Yeah i sent all my saves but they werent selected. Ive tried the zendesk twice in the past but customer service is non existent as far as i can see. Not that Im getting angsty about it lol


They read everything even if they don’t reply…this is a bug they’ve fixed some instances of before so make sure you submit a bug report.


yeah , so they say. My queries to the zendesk were of a different nature


I’m missing the same one. My theory is not being able to get this from the Atlas because I claimed my base in the same system that had an Atlas station.


That could well be a reason for it. That one isn’t my main game and I had put it aside for a week or so before continuing the other day. But If i remember right I’d started the atlas path, got sidetracked exploring and stumbled on an atlas station that wasn’t the one I was being directed to by the game. I think that’s where it jumped to the 3rd blueprint. The atlas station on the map 1.1m ly from me is weird as it turns out its nowhere near anywhere I’ve been in game.

Anyways after all these posts I’m not too phased about it, thanks everyone for all the replies and advice. :slight_smile:


Ok. The answer is yes. I built my freighter base to max. Could not fit a even a decal. Left on a wondering journey and returned to this:

I was able to construct a desk and several other things since a significant amount of flooring had vanished. Only one planter has gone missing but you can see that the plant was still able to be harvested.

The next question is will the plant regrow? I will update as soon as the info is available.


I believe in you little mushroom, Groooow! Grow like its mushy season and druids/hippies are relying on you for prophetic visions/music festivals!


Hello there! New to NMS and gaming, actually. Just bought a PS 4 in June.

Anyway, I’m honestly stumped as to how to use the Galaxy Map. How in the world do I plot a course on it? I’m using my R3 and L3 on my controller to move around the map but I cannot figure out how I actually mark and plot a course from where I am currently to where I want to go.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I did a search but could not find this specific question.



Go to galaxy map and push the circle button. It will select the currently focused system but it will allow you to free look around. If you’re new your warp range will be limited. Stick to the orange stars until you can upgrade your warp drive.


Yes. Circle will ‘unlock’ your camera and you can look around, choose a star and use X to lock in that star.
You are just in time for the biggest change ever in the NMS universe. Great time to start gaming. Welcome to the forum!



Thanks for your help! I’ve only been playing NMS for about a week, so I’m interested in finding out what will happen after the 'big update". :+1:


Amazing things. If you do not have a headset with a microphone you may want to invest in one. :wink: